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  1. By updating the driver, now Line 6 has stolen my model packs. They are gone even when USB is disconnected. I shouldn't have listened to you. Almost all my presets are created using the model packs and this is my ONLY hardware amp modeler device. All guitar and bass tracks on my songs for the last 12 years, have been recorded and reamped with my PodXt Pro. I also use it everyday as my practice rig. I expect a solution to recover my model packs for which I have paid 200 USD at the time. There is no logical reason to deprive me of the main tool with which I make music. This bitter experience has made me take a firm decision never to purchase another Line 6 product.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have done everything before posting. My driver version is but I don't think this is the problem. Here is what My Account page says: Order # Date Status Items Total 64740 2007-07-03 16:13:13 Completed Triple Pack Bundle $199.9 Bass Expansion Pack I don't get what you mean by reinstalling the model packs. You mean in the PodXt itself? I don't live in the US and I don't think I can take that risk. Please suggest a safer solution. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I purchased a Podxt Pro in 2007, bought the model packs and registered the device on July 3, 2007. Before switching to Windows 10, I had no problem using my Podxt Pro, in fact I use it to record and reamp my tracks, in other words it is my main audio interface. Since upgrading to Windows 10, if the device is connected to the PC and I turn on PODxt Pro my model pack amps are disabled. The ANNOYING workaround is to : 1) turn off PODxt Pro, 2) disconnect USB, 3) turn PODxt Pro back on, 4) grope the device searching for the USB port, 5) finding the port and turning the cable left and right, up and down to force it in the port 6) start using PODxt Pro 7) disconnecting the USB/forgetting to disconnect and going through this torture EVERY SINGLE DAY. PLEASE HELP!
  4. I'd rather downgrade the driver, where's the guarantee that this will run without problems? What if it cancels my authorization? By the way, I found out about the date of my purchase by checking my account, there's no authorization issue there. I thought maybe this was a known problem. I have an M-Audio AxiomPro 61 and a couple of years ago there was a hardware problem where some of the keys did not work. The forum expert told me it was a known issue concerning a loose connector: I had to open the keyboard (an immense number of screws), find the connector and fix it. I hope this doesn't happen with the PODxt Pro again! The problem is, it changes the sound. For recording it's OK because I record all the guitars and basses dry, using the POD's control panel option. But during playing it is annoying anyway. I hoped a firmware update might fix it. Oh yes, I also did the knob spinning. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I just turned the preset selector all the way down and the LCD came back to life! My guess is it hit POD's default presets with internal amp models; this in case the problem had anything to do with the error message. I'm thinking of downgrading my Windows driver to where I had no problems for the past ten years.
  6. Hello, I recently updated my PODxt Pro’s Windows driver and occasionally I get an error message in the sense “This tone uses amps from Model Packs you do not own†from the unit. This is really annoying because at the time on July 3, 2007 I have purchased all the Model Packs and I never had a problem. But this present message is about what happened today when I turned on my PODxt Pro: only the left half of the LCD lights up and the right hand half is dark! I doubt that it has anything to do with the driver update, please help me if this is a known problem. Another problem that comes up quite often especially lately is that the PODxt Pro’s parameters change (the star appears) without me having touched anything, whether it’s connected to the PC or not. Can a firmware update solve these problems? Is there a firmware update available at all? In case it is available will the update interfere with the Model Packs, for instance is there a danger that it will erase them? Thanks in advance for the help, Zareh
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