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  1. Silverhead, that's the answer I was look for. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the response but I should clarify... Can the sounds created on Helix Native be transferred and used on the Pod Go and vise versa?
  3. Been years since I checked in with Line6 but the new Pod Go has piqued my interest. I was about to pull the trigger on the HX Stomp until the Pod Go came out and now I"m not sure what to do. I wanted to download the Helix Native software to see if I could get the sounds I want over my PA speakers (I'm a tube guy) and I noticed that the software can be purchased for $99 with the purchase of a new HX Stomp. Is the HN software compatible with the Go Pod as well? If so, any know what the price would be? I have S-Gear and Bias-2 and will do a comparison with HN. Thanks!
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