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  1. I'm using Helix Native, Reaper, and POD Go as my interface. I want to use Helix Native's tones when I'm recording but I am hearing both the Helix Native and my PO Go's dry signal. Is there any way to just hear Helix Native without the dry signal? FYI: This is happening while I am creating a tone to use with Native. Not after I have recorded the track.
  2. I agree. I've been using Reaper for a few years and I love it. Works great with the POD Go.
  3. The capacitor (C98) just above the "To Pedal PCB" harness, looks like it is bulging. Check the top of the capacitor and make sure it is completely flat.
  4. I just ordered a POD Go from Sweetwater today (04-28-2020). They are NOT in stock atm. My sales rep told me to expect shipment in about 4 weeks.
  5. I am also having this problem. My JTV 89 disconnects from workbench HD. I cannot connect back until I unplug the variax and the USB from my POD XT live. Restart the POD XT and connect the variax. It also freezes my model knob. Sometimes I have to take the battery out of my variax to reset it. It seems like my variax dies completely...no lights or battery lights until I take the battery out and put it back in. My POD is connected to my computer by USB, and my variax is connected to my POD with the supplied Line 6 cat 5 cable. POD XT Live JTV 89 (2.21) Windows 7 Workench hd (2.13)
  6. I use a PODXT Live to run 2 amps (left and right). Sometimes the amps will cancel out each other, meaning that one amp will stop working. If I pull the cable out of either channel and push it back in both amps start working again. I had this problem with my older xt live so I bought another one. After about 2 years I am having this problem with the new one too. I am running the Champ form the LEFT output and the Roland from the RIGHT output. Any ideas? Podxt Live 2 good instrument cables Fender Champ 12 Roland Cube 25
  7. Bought a used PODxt Live...after a factory reset all the purchased model packs are gone. The model packs were purchased by the previous owner and I have no way to access their line 6 account. Any way to get them back? Thanks, Chad
  8. Glad to know that you are getting it repaired! If you find out what the problem was, please post it here.
  9. I have an older Cube 20x and I use it at home and at rehearsal. It is small, has great tone, and is plenty loud enough for those purposes.I run a PODxt Live and JTV-89 through it. I love the tone!
  10. I was going to wait a few more days to see what bugs were reported before upgrading the firmware. After watching your vid i couldn't wait any longer :) Thanks for posting!
  11. Very nice playing, not to mention awesome tone! I'm loving the new Strat tones with 2.0 also.
  12. Yeah, it could very well be my imagination but the acoustic models seem to be a bit cleaner with less high end hiss. I am enjoying this update. I personally think it's a big improvement!
  13. baskian, just curious...have you tried the 2.0 firmware update yet. Does the light come on when you press the knob to turn on modelling?
  14. Thanks mdmayfield! I will try your suggestions and see if I can work out the differences.
  15. What firmware version are you using in your JTV 89? Have you EVER gotten sound out of the guitar with the battery connected? ..(is this something that just started happening or has it been that way since you bought it)?
  16. My Sweetwater rep called me Thursday morning and said that they just received a shipment of JTV-89 and JTV-89f. These are not the USA models.
  17. Silverhead. I have tried these troubleshooting steps. 1. Tried using another PODxt Live for a total of 2. 2. Several other VDI and guitar cables of different lengths. 3. Tried a POD HD 500. 4. With and without the normal guitar cable connected. I have been using Line6 gear since 2000, so I am fairly familiar with the their products. When I plug in the VDI cable i get a noticeably brighter/dirtier tone. I am happy with the tone I get through a normal cable, but I can't seem to dial in a good sound with the VDI cable at all. There is a definite difference! I have read about this problem in other forums/posts. I was just using the resistance as a best guess...as it seems that the VDI cable doesn't produce as much as the guitar cable does...even a 6 foot guitar cable. If there was a way to adjust resistance on the VDI cable it would help match it up with a normal guitar cable. Also, thanks to brue58ski for the reply. Just frustrated...did not mean to come off like a douche. Sorry about that! You are welcome to get to know me better...I'm on Reverbnation. /chadrussell
  18. I tried this and it really seemed to help tame some of those nasty high overtones on my JTV-89. Thanks for posting!
  19. I have managed to get a really good sound with my JTV-89 and PODxt Live. It took hours and hours of research and testing to get that awful "Tin" or "Highly compressed" palm muting sound to go away. Once I got rid of that; I must say that I am HIGHLY pleased with this guitar! My only real complaint at this time is that as soon as I plug in the VDI cable, my sound goes right back to crap :( ...Is there any possible way to be able to match the resistance of the VDI to a real guitar cable? Is there any way that this could be implemented in the firmware or Workbench? I want so bad to be able to use this guitar live with my POD so that I can switch guitar models. At this time it is totally unusable that way. Any ideas?
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