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  1. I have firmware 2.0 installed. What Line 6 software do I use for selecting/editing the amp models in my DT25? Does Line 6 offer an editor for doing that? Or is the only option either POD HD500 Edit or a 3rd party edit like DTEdit?
  2. If I'm running my HD500(x) into my DT25 via the L6 Link am I getting the same functionality I would be getting if I were connected via MIDI? When I switch between patches on the HD500 is it changing all the topology features in the DT25 that would happen if I were instead using a MIDI connection?
  3. klasi

    No Low Volume Mode

    Does it matter what position the "Standby" switch is in when you toggle between "Low Volume Mode(s)"? In other words, should the amp be in "Standby" before I switch the "Low Volume Mode" one way or the other?
  4. klasi

    No Low Volume Mode

    Don't know. Just got it today (used).
  5. klasi

    No Low Volume Mode

    Just bought a used DT25. When I switch it to LVM the volume remains the same. The volume definitely does not go any lower. In fact, when in LVM if I turn up the master volume the sound breaks up (distorts) even more than if in the regular volume mode. Any ideas on this? I already did a factory reset. Problem remains.