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  1. Hi I have expereienced this problem whilst importing set lists back into Helix after the update to 1.12, I rolled back to 1.11 and the problem still occurs, anyone else seen this or know what causes it......every update throws up another issue :angry: :angry: :angry:
  2. Hi Midi thru is off.....play and stop commands are working fine but go to next marker and go to previous marker are just jumping around randomly?
  3. Hi I am currently trying to get Helix to perform some simple transport functions in Cubase (Play, stop, go to next marker, go to previous marker). I have assigned 4 switches for this task and all appears to work fine. The problems occur when I try to use these functions alongside some midi messages from Cubase to Helix for snapshot changes. The outcome is midi mayhem, likewise Cubase can change snapshot patches in isolation, its just when I try to combine the two functions (midi in / midi out) simultaneously the problems start. I had no issues performing the same tasks using POD HD 500 x, I am sure its just some fine tuning but currently I have tried everything I know without success? Any help or advice appreciated.
  4. Hi Guys Thanks for the responses to date, I have tried to play around with the buffer settings, no matter what I do I get these drop outs and hangs, clicks, pops etc. I have limited options available from control panel in relation to sample rates, with no 48k option available? This is a massive downer on Helix for me as I want to use it principally for recording.
  5. Hi Everyone I have a major issue with my Helix..... I previously used POD HD Pro X as my audio interface with Cubase 6, 7 & 8.5, with absolutely rock solid performance on a Windows 7 i7 machine. I have migrated to Helix and no matter what I do the results are awful. Tracks that I have previously constructed using the HD Pro, with EZ drummer, Halion and Omisphere plus multiple audio tracks are now spluttering and dropping out, with the performance meters all going into the red constantly, where previously only very light load was noted. I can only imagine that I have something not set quite right as it is too bad to comprehend. I am certain that some of you guys must be using a similar combination of DAW / Helix and wondered how you are setting things up. Any help / suggestions would be much appreciated. Many Thanks in advance.
  6. Many Thanks once again for the help Guys it is much appreciated......
  7. Hi Thanks for the help on yesterday's post.... I have another problem with the MIDI on POD HD500X..... I use Cubase to play Audio backing tracks for live work, I have a single "arrangement" which contains all of the songs in the first set, each of these songs has its own marker and corresponding midi channel which transmits program and CC data to the pod changing patches / effects etc per song. I want to use FS1 to start the track, FS2 to stop the track and FS3 to jump to the next marker, all of which I can do, in any given patch but the problem comes when the patch changes, and currently the only way I can figure out to resolve this is to go into every patch and physically assign the MIDI information to FS1, FS2 & FS3, as there dosn't apear to be a Global Midi Assignment option. Thanks once again for any assistance....
  8. Many Thanks for taking the time to reply, this is perfect exactly what I wanted to hear.
  9. Hi Guys Thanks in advance for any advice.... I am using HD500X live with JT Variax, playing over backing tracks run from Cubase. I also send MIDI program changes from Cubase via an M AUDIO midi interface, this changes banks and patches on the fly during the set, so I have no pedal dancing to contend with......this is fine but I want to have Cubase send CC data to the Pod in order to control the amount and intensity of reverbs, wah, delay etc, can this be achieved or is this way to complex for the Pod. I have Guitar Rig which can do all of this but the sounds are not brilliant and the variax functionality will be lost also....defeating the object. Is there anything I can do to improve the situation or am I just stuck untill Line 6 improve the Pod?
  10. Anyone know how to get the metal pack...i just bought it but noticed the email confirmation was sent to my old email address and I no longer have access to it Thanx
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