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Don't Need Ilock For 3rd Party Inerfaces To Use Podfarm?

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I just saw one guy selling M-audio Fast track + podfarm locally and it made me curious. I asked him how is he selling podfarm, because it need at least iLock. And he replied that iLock isn't necessary anymore and podfarm can be used with 3rd party interfaces freely.
So I checked L6 shop's podfarm page and it says: 
Required Hardware:
POD Studio GX
POD Studio KB37
POD Studio UX1
POD Studio UX2
PODxt Live
PODxt Pro
TonePort GX
TonePort KB37
TonePort UX1
TonePort UX2


Does it mean he's right?
I bought Profire 2626 and selling my Podstudio UX2 with podfarm that was tied to it and going to buy standard licence if that's true (because I have bought Metal Shop add-on and it's my best buy ever and I haven't found better simulation).


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The standard POD Farm 2 license will work with just about any ASIO hardware now.  It assigns to your user account and the computer.


Just to clarify, NOT the iLok one.  The iLok version is for plug-in processing only.

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