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  1. Yup..never can get an answer to this question.
  2. It has come to my attention that the ASIO TonePort UX2 driver is not multi-client. Could anyone confirm this? If so why not?
  3. Does everybody that uses guitar rig 5 have to start the line 6 interface first to get the UX2 driver's sound to GR? I have no such problem with any other programs.
  4. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me get back the streamlined usage of my Line6 sound driver. Lately, I have to first open POD Farm to get a signal into Guitar Rig 5 Pro. After I do this, I can then close the PF app. , and then signal then continues in other programs. I never had this issue in the past. I could boot the CPU i7 980 into Windows 10, and click on the GR5 icon in the task trey. At that point it would operate normally. However lately I have to first click on the PF icon in the task trey to open POD Farm2 to get the signal into the GR5 program. I would like to get back to not having to go through this extra step. Ron
  5. Thanks psarkissian. I couldn't get a TRS to work, however I did get a TS phono to deliver a quiet signal. Wired pin three to tip others ground.
  6. There is no mention of the line inputs being balanced as it is with the analog outs. Where do I find that information?
  7. Hello, I'm having trouble getting a signal from/to my Otari B-3 From/to my UX2. I purchased some 1/4 TRS to XLR both male, and female. I know Otari uses pin 3 hot. However before changing my cables I tried them I was getting loud screeches at times. After changing the pin assignments on the cable TRS Phono ends..I'm still getting feedback in both channels when volume level is raised. Anyone done this successfully? or any advice? Thank You, Ron
  8. Thanks Gaz_Ham. Specifically I was thinking there was a vocal pre called "Blues Vocal" I don't see it now in my list. just found it under..POD Farm 2>1+ MIDI> Vocal
  9. Hello, Where can I find a list of all the included pre-sets for POD farm 2 basic? Thanks
  10. Never mind. got it straightened out.
  11. Not sure where to post this. I've either forgotten how to or am having trouble uploading images elsewhere on this forum. I'm logged in, Try drag n drop and also using url nothing works. I get a error " there was a problem processing the upload file. Please contact us for assistance." I don't know who "us" is. I have been contacting support..but Jason seems to be clueless.
  12. Hello, Dummy question here, Does my TonePort UX2 act as my sound card? If so is it multi client? I have High Definition Audio Devise, AMD High Definition Audio Device, And Line 6 TonePort UX2 all listed under sound Cards. Reason I ask is I posted a problem with my sound Driver or Card? The problem is this, When using the TonePort UX2 sound driver I can't get any toontrack players EZD2 Or EZKeys ect. to work at the same time as My guitar rig 5 Pro. I have to set one to operate on another driver. Is it not possible to have all my programs operate under the TP UX2 ASIO driver? Ron
  13. Yea still. It is not a behringer problem I think. Does not happen with GuitarRig5. It is not just youtube but other streaming sites. The Uphoria 404 does have its own ASIO driver as previously mentioned I have disabled the other drivers on my system.
  14. Thanks fflbrgst for your reply... Never got a notice! Yes, I have disabled the other sound devices.
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