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  1. ron-e-g

    Model Packs

    Never mind....found it!
  2. Hello, Something I've been wondering before now but just never took the time to find out... I keep seeing presets in my PODFarm2 (a lot) that are missing models so they recommend an alternate. I thought I had most all the add on packs. Is there a complete list somewhere where I could go to see what add-on contains the missing model? Like Red Comp? Thank You, Ron
  3. ron-e-g

    Inputs changed?

    I seem to remember that before the POD Farm 2 the POD Farm had duel inputs listed in the drop down from the inputs window. It's just, I thought it was more recent than that. Can't really remember though, as I use another guitar interface program primarily. Thanks for your responses Triryche. Ron
  4. ron-e-g

    Inputs changed?

    OK yea, Thank You Triryche, But didn't the standalone version used to show multiple inputs together in the drop-down window? Possibly some older version (before the Duel Button)? Like Gearbox?
  5. ron-e-g

    Inputs changed?

    Both... Plug-in, and standalone.
  6. hello, I seem to remember my UX2 standalone having a setting that allowed two inputs at once? Like mic (and) instrument? It doesn't now. How do I get that back? Thank You, Ron
  7. Hello, Looking for some help here. My UX2 line 6 drivers crash most all of my stand alone Programs..EZKeys, EZD2..Amplitube4. I have windows 10 Pro 64 Bit. My DAW's are 64 Bit.The VSTi versions seem to work fine. My other two ASIO drivers work fine in these 64 Bit versions. Also, since the change to window 10 (from7) I can't get the UX2 to split, and work in two standalone' s (32 bit versions) at once, as before. Example being, running Guitar Rig5 while running EZD2 at the same time, and monitoring both through the UX2 phones jack. Yes, I have the latest Driver..maybe that's the problem? I thinking I must have a System sound setting wrong maybe? Thank You, Ron Sorry, Once again..I would insert a windows snippet if only the size limitations wasn't prohibiting..can't seem the use the URL option either!
  8. ron-e-g

    ASIO failure?

    Never Mind! Figured it out. All except gearbox. I can go in through POD, but that's a pain! Had to go into the Fast Track console. and make some input/output changes.
  9. ron-e-g

    ASIO failure?

    No. And thanks for asking again, cause it jogged my brain. I tried installing the Fast Track driver again. It seems to work flawlessly in all instances. Except two..Yea you guessed it, both POD, and gearbox. In POD Farm the input in the default channel 1 has no sound, but if I manually select the channel 2 it works as intended using the Fast Track driver. However when I close and re open it defaults right back to the ch 1 input under File> Preferences> Hardware. Any way to correct this?
  10. ron-e-g

    What good is line 6 monkey?

    Want to let the less informed, in on what you've learned? I've had to completely abandon the Line 6 driver. Now... how do I get the line6 products to default to my NEW preferred driver? meaning POD Farm, and Gearbox? Seems they only want to default to their own driver Which in this case seems to be crap!
  11. ron-e-g

    ASIO failure?

    As stated M-Audio Oh BTW it's Avid now ,has been removed. bhttp://community.m-audio.com/m-audio/topics/fast-track-pro-driver-for-windows-10-qnlmx6ib2r05f
  12. ron-e-g

    ASIO failure?

    Then there is this This is after a fresh boot it indicates it should be working ..but it does not until I unplug and plug in the usb cable in the back of the unit.
  13. ron-e-g

    ASIO failure?

    Thanks pipelineaudio1 that's helpful. I have it in Reaper..and Mixcraft I'm pretty sure but That may change any second! As I've been learning!
  14. ron-e-g

    ASIO failure?

    Since the last post, I've been still fighting this mess. I can't seem to get everything to work on just one driver as before! The TonePort UX2. I have completely abandoned/ uninstalled the Fast Track driver in an effort to minimize the confusion. I did however install ASIO4all. I prefer to use, and monitor through my Tone Port UX2. Here is where I am Now. After doing the complete driver Uninstall re-install suggested by Line6 support, I can't get the line 6 driver to work in all my applications with just one setting (haven't since the OS change). The last problem was the L6driver wouldn't initiate in the stand alone version of Guitar Rig5 without me first opening the POD stand alone application..then didn't seem to matter if I then closed the POD... the GR5 still worked through the L6D, until I reboot then back to the same. But, if I went to the win> control panel> sound where the line 6 Tone Port is set as my default devise, and unchecked "allow applications to take exclusive control of this device, then the driver would work in GR5 but not in amplitude4 anymore! So I'm really confused here. Oh and in the stand alone amplitude4 the TonePort won't even show up as a ASIO driver. I've been chasing my tail here for three weeks! How exactly am I to set it up so the Tone Port UX2 is my sole sound source? And I monitor (everything) I do regarding sound through my T.P. UX2 headphone jack as before?
  15. Pretty much same problem..anyone solve this? Windows 10 Pro.