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  1. I want to record (or stream) guitar and vocals using my UX2 with Gearbox 3.72 on windows 7 Youtube (not my first choice anyways due to choppiness) will only grab instrument when I select Instrument + Mic. Are there any cheap and easy to use programs that will allow Send 1& 2 as well as Send 3&4 so I can record or stream both?
  2. When I use the Instr + Mic source select in Gearbox it defaults to sending stereo guitar on 2 and Vocal on 3 In Riffworks T4, it seems I can select 1&2 record ins or 3&4, but not 2&3 so I can't get the guitar and vocal in together in a track. Anyone know if there's a fix or workaround? Would Podfarm give me the option I need? I'm using Windows 7 if that info is needed.
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