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  1. Thanks for the help guys, but it seems to have been my microphone. I borrowed a friends and his works just fine. A few hours of use and no issues noted. So I ordered a replacement and I'll post more when it arrives on Tuesday. Thanks for the help guys. :)
  2. Here's the catch. It happens in the pod farm 2.5 program. The audio output (on both the device and the program) cease. Once they resume, I have this background noise. I've also noticed that the device didn't want to output an instrument's audio to the speakers I have plugged in. It wouldn't even output that audio.
  3. Apologies. I am using a Line 6 Pod UX2 and I'm using pod farm 2.5. I used audacity to record the audio. I have an i7 4790k and 8gb of ram (1866mhz). My computer is and has been powerful enough to run this program for the past year with minimal problems. I just ran a refresh on my windows 8.1 system and this started.
  4. I have been experiencing strange audio input output issues lately. I performed a system refresh and reinstalled all of my audio software and drivers and I've noticed an issue with my audio recording. My audio functions normally upon startup. Soon after talking, the mic cuts/fades out and will not output for a time. The output picks up again, but with the mentioned background noise polluting the audio. You can hear the audio cut out after I speak and cut in again with a lower quality as well as the noise. Any assistance would be appreciated. Audio clip attached via zip file. audiotest.zip
  5. Yes I noticed this fix, which is what seems to have fixed my speakers! But the same option is not available for my recording device (UX2 mic output). There is no advanced tab. Here is a picture of the menu: http://puu.sh/jsZXk/1f01eff199.png
  6. As of today, I decided to upgrade to windows 10! And immediately after updating, I've had issues with my microphone not being picked up in various programs. So I decided to check my recording devices in the audio device manager. http://puu.sh/jrbjD/426e81bae3.png The device is "recognized" by the system. So I watched the meters when I talked into my microphone. The meters in Pod Farm 2.59 and on the UX2 are working as intended. Yet the audio is not being received by my system. (The meter in the device manager does not respond to my vocal input). I've updated all of my audio drivers (motherboard, audio, UX2/POD) and it's not working. On the stranger side, the audio when testing the sound is sent through the device and into the speakers I have plugged into the UX2! ([test sound]Computer -> UX2 -> Speakers[demo sound plays]). Again, everything is set up in pod appropriately and the ux2 is not picked up by programs such as teamspeak and audacity. http://puu.sh/jrbyM/86f44fe556.png I backed up to windows 8.1 and everything worked fine.. So I did a clean installation and went back to 10 and it isn't working.. Can someone help please?
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