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  1. I just got my HD Pro X today and started messing with it. I used to have the HD500. No matter what I do, I hit a note and it sounds like 2 guitars playing at once and once of them is out of tune. I have input 1 selected as guitar and I can't figure out how to disable input 2 or make it mute. And another thing, is that any amp with gain, just hums badly and I have to run 3 noise gates. Any other info I can provide or any help you guys provide is definitely appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I kind of figured it out. I was trying to use the Pod with asio to output through my surround sound, but that never worked. The audio only came through my 4 x 12 cab. So as a work around, I recorded the drum track with wasapi and it came through the surround sound. And then for the guitar track, I recorded using ASIO with both drum and guitar audio outputting through my 4 x 12 cab. I would play back the recorded drum track and the audio would output through the cab and it sounded terrible, but it was good enough to record the guitar over. And then I would switch back to wasapi, and listen to both tracks that were recorded, and they would come out through my surround sound and it would sound great. The real only way to record and monitor the audio live is through the cab and that sounds terrible, because the audio only outputs through it from the Pod. It was using the Pod as the sound card. The Pod doesn't like wasapi for whatever reason, I never got audio through the surround sound with it. So I'm forced to record the drum tracks with wasapi, and then switch to asio for the guitar track. I don't want to keep having to switch back and forth for each track, so I ordered a coaxial audio cable that goes from the Pod out to my surround sound. That way, the pc uses the pod as a sound card and the audio outputs through my surround sound.
  3. I just want something to use for home and for a way. I can turn the power amp down on the cab so it's room level, and I can also take it out to jam, but it just doesn't sound as good as it does when I play through my stereo system.
  4. Another related issue. when I use the Pod's ASIO driver, all of the audio comes out of my 4 x 12 cab. I'm using EZDrummer 2 also in Reaper which also comes out of the cab. I changed the driver to WASAPI and the drum audio comes out of the correct speakers, but now I have no audio from the Pod. Any more help guys?
  5. so power speakers would work good for playing out gigs and practice?
  6. So I'm back at this again. I've actually started recording again with Reaper and that's what's brought me back. I still would like to know what kind of speakers would work for a live set up. When I record, the audio comes out of my 4 x 12 cab and it sounds OK. When I play back the audio after recording, it comes out of my home theater system and it sounds great, almost professional. What gets lost when the audio comes out of the cabs and not the home theater system? Better way to put it, why does it sound better out of my surround sound than it does my actual guitar cab? That's what I would like to fix, I'd like it to sound as good coming out of my cab as it does the surround sound. so any help would be appreciated. I'm picking up a good set of monitors for recording, but that doesn't help me take the tone with me if I want to play out or jam with someone.
  7. I actually solved another issue I was having. I was unable to dial in a good tone through my 4 x 12 cab, and it sounded totally different when played back on my PC after recording with Reaper. I scanned through the quick start guide and it mentioned how to connect to a power amp. I was connected by XLR cable for balanced output, then I switched to a standard guitar cable out from unbalanced and the difference was instantly noticeable. It sounds so much better now. I wish I would have know this when I owned an Eleven Rack, it might have made the difference. Since you guys took the time to read this, could someone explain to me how to save a preset I created with hd500 edit over to my PC? I know how to save it to the HD500, I would like to create backups of the ones I have in case I accidentally erase them. And for the headphones, I was considering getting a set of Sennheiser HD 6 Mix DJ Heaphones, do you guys think those would be good for monitoring?
  8. any suggestions on good cheap head phones? what happens when I want to record? It will sound fine from the Pod to the headphones, but in the daw, it will be out of sync.
  9. I have an unconventional setup. I have the Pod by USB to my PC. Then out from the PC by HDMI to my television, then out from my television to my 5.1 home theater system. Edit: It's running by spdif from the pc to the surround sound. I messed around with it a little more and got it down to 44.khz 24bit WAV : 2/2ch 128 spls~6.2/12ms ASIO, but the latency is still noticeable.
  10. I'm using a HD500. I dropped it down to 256 and the latency is at 9.1/18ms, if I drop it down any lower, will it effect the audio quality? Thanks for the help guys.
  11. I just figured out how to record with Reaper today, but my latency is real bad. Could someone post me a few pictures of their setup so I can adjust mine for the lowest? Thank you. Top right corner reads: 44.1khz 24 bit wav 2/2ch 1024spls 26/53ms Asio
  12. I just don't understand why there was such a huge difference in tone between the surround speakers and the 4 x 12 cab. I just traded an Eleven Rack for the HD500 because I couldn't find the right tone through my cab for almost a year. Now I'm pretty much going through the same thing with it. I thought the Celestions were made for modelling. I downloaded presets from Youtube, and my tone always sounds nothing like the videos. You'd think there wouldn't be that much of a tone difference between studio monitors and a 4 x 12 cab loaded with Celestions. I know they're no FRFR, but they should still put out a decent tone.
  13. thanks for the replies. The settings are now for power amp and cab emulation is turned off, it still sounds the same as before I made the adjustments. The surround sound was deeper with more bass, the cab just sounds like it has a lot of treble and no bass.
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