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  1. Hi there guys, I`ve been using gear box and its player for a long time, having lots of fun playing along tons of mp3 of all kind that I own. I recently had to replace my hard drive, set the system up again and installed gear box again. Now the player button of the Gear Box Player doesn`t play any more :wacko: . Every other button does well, but this sure doesn`t help as long as no music gets played. I read all the threats about this obvously well known problem, e.g. proposing to reinstall w/out any usb plugged in and so on, but not all poor clients seemed happy after that. Some threats ending frustrated, like "line6 please answer, I still haven`t got a workaround" or with answer from line6 like "send us your setup, we`ll see about it" and then the thread ends ?? Can you help us all who need the player for good living, to clarify this issue finally, please, there must be another reason than usb connection issues? Thanks a lot fetzentier Win7, HP8200elite, i5 2400, 8GB RAM, Guitar port, Gear Box 3.72
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