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  1. Thanks for the answer slydawg! Couldn't find LF driver on fullcompass but only HF driver... Are you sure about the LF/HF? Besides, anyone knows where to find replacement parts here in Europe? Thanks!
  2. It seems my problem is very similar to the one mentioned in this thread: http://line6.com/support/topic/26653-l3m-problem-sound-is-very-thin-brittle-video-attached/ solution for him: The LF driver blew. It has since been repaired by Line6 and all is good.. Hmm..okay so what can I do from here? My l3t is not under warranty anymore :)
  3. Hello, I have purchased a used L3T last year and lastly it started behaving oddly: after a while the sound gets muddy and I need to turn off/on the unit in order to get things back to normal. To better describe the problem, attached is a demo recorded with my Zoom H2N: I plugged my laptop straight to Aux In (levels are good) and played some music; You can notice at 00:09 that the sound starts to deteriorate all of a sudden. This happens as well while singing (Mic to XLR to L3T's front) but I cannot afford letting you hear my horrible singing voice. Anyway, hope you guys have some ideas about what's going on! Thanks ZOOM0028.mp3
  4. Hello Currenty I am running my voice through the channel 2 of the speaker and a mp3 player in the line input (shoudl I be using L&R aux input instead, what's the difference?). How can I connect the speaker to an audio interface ? Do I go Loop Thru Output > XLR > audio interface or Mix output > XLR > audio interface. What's the difference ? Thank you guys for your explanations
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