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  1. Thanxs to SteveFrance Rewolf48 and JLondon for your differentiated posts. It really makes sense to test the powercab at home. A lot of pros and cons facin the comparison between L3 L2 and powercab. I believe it ist worth to order Powercab. Looking forward :-) Thanks again Profett
  2. Hi I ask myself what would be better for me, a new Powercab or my good old stagesource l3t. I am using HELIX. Is there someone who has already compared? Profett
  3. Helix native will never come. It is just a joke to produce Traffic on the Website. The Yamaha development Center is failing!
  4. And what input would you take for pod xt into M20d. Is there a customized preset for pod xt?
  5. What will be the best sound installation for - pod xt directly into l3t? Output device of pod xt? Speakersound of l3t? And pod xt into m20d into l3t? Thank you very much for your inspiration. Profett
  6. when connecting m20d via 6link to l3t does the l3t mixer affect the sound that comes from m20d? Profett
  7. I plugged into M20D a USB hard disk with external power and stagescape does not find it . USB stick or SD card - no problem. Are there special harddisk that can only be used with M20D? Profett
  8. my variax 300 uses the line6 xps footswitch that provides the guitar with power and serves as DI Box. The footswitch has a 1/4'' Jack and a XLR jack for output signal that can directly be plugged into an amp. So there is an audio signal coming out.
  9. High, how can connect variax with xlr cable (acoustic modus) into m20d. I inserted xlr into mic channel 12 but there is no sound. No level to be seen and auto trim says no signal. but I see the green button beside the xlr symbol beside input 12 blinking when playing guitar. So what do I do wrong? My aim is to get a good sound with variax acoustic models without pod xt just variax an m20d to decrease technical overload. Profett
  10. Hi, which footswitch would be good for M20d? The manual says It should support momentary types. Do normal switches work as well? Which ones do you use? Profett
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