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Found 4 results

  1. Hello community, I don't know if it's possible on Helix LT. If so, how can footswitch 1 bank up and footswitch 7 bank down be permanently lit, so that I can find them more easily when playing in a very dark place? Thank you in advance for your help. Cordially.
  2. Hello all Just a quick question regarding using Helix to control DMX lights with midi. Firstly is it possible in general, and secondly is it possible that every time I select a Snapshot a midi message could be sent that would select a specific lighting pattern or combination? I don't really want to control the lights via the footswitches in Stomp mode (although that could work). It would be better to map the changes to switches that I already press i.e. the Snapshot changes. Any help or advice gratefully received.
  3. Hi, Do you have any experience on controlling your stage lights from Helix? Of course, not directly connection DMX cable to Helix :) , but using Helix midi capabilities to control a DMX box or computer which then controls the lights. Did you ever thought on this or you don't find it interesting at all? regards, Ricardo
  4. One or two of us have posted our solutions for stage space saving mounting options. These postings have often been as part of an existing topic that has no relationship to mounting solutions. So, I'm creating this topic as a central point of reference in the vain hop that it might give others ideas about how to tackle the nightmare that is rigging up a small (or large!) stage where a multitude of lighting and speaker stands are inappropriate. Background: I have; 2x L3s 2x L3m 2x L2m (used for monitors) I then have lighting: 4x Chauvet COREbar 4's 8x ADJ Mega TriPar mounted (4 onto each) on K&M cross bars 8x other standalone effects lights The problem we most of us face is being able to adequately mount all our speakers (at optimum heights) and rig up a stage lighting rig without using up so much stage space that there's nowhere left for the band to stand! I'll say that my "setup" is evolving but here's where I stand today... L3s are laid flat revealing the twin 20mm screw thread pole mounts. Into the outer pole mount, I insert a K&M 21367 Distance Rod »Ring Lock« which is then used to mount an L3m Into the inner pole mount, I insert a K&M 21347 DISTANCE ROD which is then topped with a K&M 213/3 Extension Rod to get me to nearly 2.9m from floor level. This is used to mount lights In the above picture, I've mounted the K&M t-bar 21393 CROSSBAR direct to the top. A suggestion from litesnsirens and taken up by Digital-sound got me thinking and I've spent this morning building a mod for the top of my L3m's that enables the carrying of a small t-bar which I'll use for small moonflowers, lasers and gobos. I started by getting four squares of plywood and glued two together to get me to 24mm thickness. Extract the two cross head bolts from the top of the L3m (also on L2 cabinets). These are the suspension eye points. Make two countersunk 10mm holes in your squares (note I made my square a little big and had to take a couple of corners off for them to drop in) and a 37mm hole in the centre. Mount the square blocks to the top of the L3m by reinserting the two bolts you took out. Now mount a 20mm speaker pole connector plate onto your wooden blocks. I've used a K&M 24116 CONNECTOR PLATE The 37mm hole in the blocks is for the back of the connector plate to drop in to. You now have a 20mm speaker pole mount tucked away neatly into the recessed panel at the top of your L3m (or L2m). I bought a pair of the short and long Line6 poles and these thread straight in and voila, I can now mount a short (800mm) t-bar direct to the top of my L3m's! As the poles are 35mm, you can use any 35mm compatible t-bar or as I have, a 35mm union with bolt to take the box section bars. For added flexibility (because my Chauvet COREbars only have a 28mm mount), I also have a pair of K&M 24521 REDUCER FLANGE mounts which accept a 28mm TV-pin K&M 24519 TV PIN such that I have full flexibility to mount any of the lights wherever best suits the venue, the final piece of the puzzle being a set of American Audio light stands that have a 28mm top pole.
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