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  1. Hi Not sure if it helps you any but DMXIS and Helix can play very nicely on a Windows 10 laptop with no other programs or interfaces. I have it set up to do pretty much what you want ie use snapshot changes to trigger change of lighting presets in DMXIS. I also have a separate fottswitch pluggged in to the DMXIS jack input so I can also just change to the next lighting preset without having to change snapshots. This gives you the option to have more lighting presets than Helix snapshots. Unfortunately I can't really advise on your setup on Mac. I know there was one midi instruction that had to be altered as a global on Helix but it may have been something you have already done. The Helix by default is set up to send a midi command everytime you change preset or snapshot [i think] and this has to be disabled to allow your commands to work correctly. It was a while ago and I can't remember clearly but if you haven't done that let me know and I'll go onto my Helix and try and find it.
  2. The editor can already do this. In a preset where you have the stomp set to your liking you just need to right click on the stomp and select "Save block". Then go to your new preset and right click on an empty block and select "Paste block".
  3. Agreed. All my patches and snapshots are set up for Variax. I'm not going to risk having to go through every patch and amend it, or worse still, potentially lose lots of information completely. It's dissapointing that some of the recent firmware releases have such basic and easily identified bugs.
  4. Happy holidays to everyone. If anyone out there is thinking about buying this pack here is my initial thoughts. I had been thinking of taking the plunge on purchasing some presets for a while and these were top of my list. With the special offer on until today I finally decided to treat myself for Xmas and purchased them yesterday. I had a full setlist prepared on the Helix that I had made up myself and was happy with it. It was better sounds than I have ever had and I had received nothing but complimentary comments. But I also knew that my patches tended to be basic and there was some extra polish that could be applied. For me, and all this is of course subjective, this pack of presets does exactly that. I have only had a few hours with it so far but I know that I am going to completely recreate my setlist using these patches as the basis of all my patches. Apart from the learning about programming the Helix that is possible from these patches the main thing is the quality and professionalisn that is inherent in the sounds themselves. I am VERY happy with them. They will be the backbone of a completely new setlist of patches (after I've finished just enjoying playing for many hours, I'm currently on the Heavy 5150 1 patch and loving it). If you are thinking about getting them I don't think you will regret it. I certainly haven't :)
  5. Or volume and tone controls on your guitar if it is a Variax.
  6. I have a Helix and a JTV-89F and they are a wonderful one size fits all combination. I play classic rock and for that I want a lot of different sounds that I can change to easily and quickly. I use mainly the Les Paul, Stratocaster, Telecaster and acoustic models. The only time I use the magnetics is on Stairway To Heaven when I want an acoustic and electric sound simultaneously. Everywhere else I use the modelling and only ever get praise for my sound, even from the rest of the band. The ability to change amp, effects, tuning, guitar type, pick up type and anything else I need with just one footswitch press is fantastic. As with most things it's each to their own but I can't see me changing anytime soon.
  7. Just as an update if anyone is curious (whilst I am still waiting to try it out with actual lights) I have been able to send midi note on messages to a midi keyboard so it will be easy to send them to the DMX controller. You have to use Command Centre but the only way to send note on messages is with the footswitches, not the instants. It's no problem though as you just save the footswitch in an "on" state and everytime you select that snapshot it will send the note on message. Just save the relevant note on message with each snapshot and you're good to go. Every snapshot can have it's own lighting scene. Awesome :) Thanks again.
  8. Thanks to all who've commented but this is how I was hoping to proceed. Our band has access to lights and a DMX controller board so the setting up of the scenes is taken care of (when I get my hands on them). As mdmayfield suggested I have read the section Snapshots>Command Centre in the manual and (if I read it correctly) it seems possible to send midi note on messages with the change of a snapshot as you say. I'm sure there will initially be a bit of trial and error but at least I know it is all possible. Thanks
  9. Hello all Just a quick question regarding using Helix to control DMX lights with midi. Firstly is it possible in general, and secondly is it possible that every time I select a Snapshot a midi message could be sent that would select a specific lighting pattern or combination? I don't really want to control the lights via the footswitches in Stomp mode (although that could work). It would be better to map the changes to switches that I already press i.e. the Snapshot changes. Any help or advice gratefully received.
  10. It should work if you use pitch shifter to raise everything by an octave, then use the Variax tunings on the input block to lower the first two strings (E and B ) by an octave which will return them to the their original pitch, and also raise the low E string by an octave which would leave that sounding two octaves higher than it originally does. Not sure how effective it will sound but the pitches should be what you need.
  11. Well said. Can't add much to that. The reason I play guitar is because of what a guitar is and sounds like. Experiment all you want but if you want to make music that sounds like a synth rather than a guitar, then play a synth.
  12. I've got the red and with the Helix it is an incredibly powerful combination. Definitely worth waiting for :)
  13. The Helix is my first multifx from Line 6 so I can't comment with reference to the HD500 (I previously used the Boss GT boards). But two things to bear in mind if the HD500 is anything like the GT100. Firstly the Helix sounds much more impressive through any system and secondly the Helix has space for loads more presets (over 1,000) and these are broken up into different set lists so all you need to is copy your patches to another set list and tweak them for use through a PA. After you have done it once you can just choose whichever set list you need on any given night. I have one set list for a Variax guitar and another set list for a standard guitar but you could just as easily have two for PA and guitar amp.
  14. I saw a post on rewiring a Roland EV-5 to be used as a Helix Exp pedal. http://line6.com/support/topic/16994-need-expression-pedal-help/?hl=expression+pedal&do=findComment&comment=152555 I can assure you that this mod does work on this pedal. I use an EV-5 plugged into Exp 3 as a general volume pedal for all patches. It hardly gets altered during a gig but it is always available just in case. Then I can use Exp 1 and Exp 2 for anything else on a patch by patch basis eg Wah
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