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  1. Hi, Maybe this is off-topic but check: www.dmxformusicians.com About a year ago I was also looking for a way to control lighting from Helix. I didn't find what I was looking for so I decided to embrace the DIY approach. Things evolve a bit. Now, I am about to launch a crowdfunding campaign to take this into production. regards, Ricardo
  2. Hi, Did anyone also noticed this? regards, Ricardo
  3. Hi, Does anyone have these? Can you provide them, please? regards, Ricardo
  4. Hi, I programmed a CC to be send when Tap switch is pressed. Everything works ok in Stomp mode. But when I am on snapshots mode I need to press twice the Tap switch to get a single CC message. Did anyone ever noticed this? Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to command centre and select the Tap switch 2. Select MIDI CC Command and set Channel, CC and Value 3. Exit Command Centre (and save preset) 4. Enter snapshots mode (if you're not in that mode) 5. Press once the tap switch - no CC message is sent 6. Press it again - CC message will be sent Continue to press Tap switch. A CC message is only send every other switch press. regards, Ricardo
  5. Hi, Thank you all for your feedback. regards, Ricardo
  6. Hi, Do you have any experience on controlling your stage lights from Helix? Of course, not directly connection DMX cable to Helix :) , but using Helix midi capabilities to control a DMX box or computer which then controls the lights. Did you ever thought on this or you don't find it interesting at all? regards, Ricardo
  7. That was my immediate though when I looked at snapshots - "this icon is taking too much space and there are other ways of letting you know you are in snapshots view". I'm not user design expert (so excuse me if this does make sense to you) but Line6 might consider: - Having the frame around the whole label - Invert the label - black characters on white label - Different color on Mode button led for each active mode (presets, snapshots, stomp, edit) BTW, I also think it would be great to customize the color of each of the snapshots. I'm myopic and the colors on the stomp mode are a major help. I wish I could have that for snapshots. I also have trouble to see what Expression Pedal is active EXP1 or EXP2 - the label don't help. Please allow to customize the label and find a more visible way to show which one is active (e.g. invert the colors of the active one).
  8. Hi, In this line6 tone tuturial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOrGHc1-pKg Rob Math puts Chorus effect on a parallel path to create a more polished studio sound. How does this affects the sound? How is this different from adjusting the mix parameter on the effect block? Thank you very much for your support. regards, Ricardo PS: I found that you cannot used the word Speciali$t because the antispam is finding the word ciali$ in the post and blocks it.
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