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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys. I was inspired by a fresh set of strings and came up with this bass tone in Helix Rack. Hope it can help someone!
  2. I'm new to this forum but have been using a Helix LT for about a year. I play a Sandberg 5 string active bass into the Helix LT and then direct into a Beringer X-air mixer to the PA. The band play funk/pop/light rock and the stage is silent (IEMs). I put together a simple set of 4 snapshots with a basic rig of the LA compressor and Cali 400 amp, and then have clean/dirty (tube)/Octaver/Wah snapshots that switches on the blocks. I recently bought a couple of presets from the web for bass synth and have noticed that the levels were much louder than my DIY setup. I would like to re-visit my original patch but would benefit from advice from the forum about the basics I should observe. There is nothing wrong with my DIY patch other than my perception that others are doing it better, and my observation that as I have never owned a bass amp I am not modelling a 'sound' with the Helix so I have nothing to compare. For example: bass amp choice for a clean/funk sound thoughts about the myriad settings on each amp (drive/level/master etc) - for someone who hasn't owned an amp amp only vs. amp+cab (I assumed the 'cab' is now the PA, so I've gone with a clean sound like you would in a studio) which compressor is good for bass guitar and and simple tips (I know there is tons on the web about compression - but Helix/bass guitar specific) compressor position in chain how to make gentle distortion (think 'Sex on Fire' / 'Mr Brightside' levels) how to optimise the wah for the exp pedal I would be great if the forum could help me establish a basic bass rig (that others could copy) which has the fundamentals in order.
  3. Greetings! I was just gifted a FirehawkFX to inspire me on my journey to learn to play the bass guitar. I have a very simple and old Behringer BXL 450 bass amp and I'm confused about how to plug in my guitar and Firehawk into the amp so I can hear the effects as I play. I'm not sure I have the right cords, I'm simply using guitar cords--one from my bass into the "guitar in" of the Firehawk, one from the 1/4 main out (left/mono) of the Firehawk into the input of the front of my bass amp. I am getting no sound at all and wondering I have it set up right? Do I need special cords for this besides guitar cords? Thank you!
  4. Hey guys. I was inspired by a fresh set of strings and came up with this bass tone in Helix Rack. Hope it can help someone!
  5. Is it possible to use a bass guitar on the AMPLIFi 150, or even on the 75?
  6. Hi all, I've just ordered one of these (it arrives tomorrow). I'm looking of info on its suitability for bass guitar too. So far all the info I've found is vague. Does the unit feature bass guitar amp models? Is the frequency range adequate for the low notes? Grateful for any advice from you clever people! - Nick.
  7. Does anyone have experience or thoughts on the L3M as a bass guitar stage monitor? I am about to buy a Helix and I would like a nice reference/stage monitor to go with it. My expectation is to have similar performance as a moderately powered 2-10" or 1-15" bass cabinet. I have been playing with my guitarist's Helix and some 3rd party bass cabinet IR's. After a set, we tried the Helix with the bass patches we created and the sound/tone was very impressive through the PA. His L2M did surprisingly well for it's size... but I would like comfortable headroom. On paper, the L3M looks great! I am curious of the L3M user's thoughts and experience before I make any decisions.
  8. so i have a flextone III i've been using (by the way i love it) and i also have a bass amp(a little practice amp) however i just don't enjoy the sound of a bass through a bass amp,i never did,i like it sounding as a super distorted overdrieven piece of s**t and i was wondering if my flextone III would melt down if i tried plugging in my bass into it,i never tried so ehh im kinda scared,i love this amp. btw i used to have a great guitar overdrive pedal that i used for bass and that was basically all i needed buuut i traded so yeah.
  9. Hi guys, I am using a Pod XT Live and got 3 extra packs already but not the Bass thing. FX Junkie, Power Pack, Metal Shop are what I got. I'm actually jamming on blues using a Looper. Is there a way to get a Bass Tone for my Guitar on the POD Xt Live without having to pay again? I do not require a very special sound, just a regular clean bass would be fair enough to overdub. Thanks.
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