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  1. I'm new to this forum but have been using a Helix LT for about a year. I play a Sandberg 5 string active bass into the Helix LT and then direct into a Beringer X-air mixer to the PA. The band play funk/pop/light rock and the stage is silent (IEMs). I put together a simple set of 4 snapshots with a basic rig of the LA compressor and Cali 400 amp, and then have clean/dirty (tube)/Octaver/Wah snapshots that switches on the blocks. I recently bought a couple of presets from the web for bass synth and have noticed that the levels were much louder than my DIY setup. I would like to re-visit my original patch but would benefit from advice from the forum about the basics I should observe. There is nothing wrong with my DIY patch other than my perception that others are doing it better, and my observation that as I have never owned a bass amp I am not modelling a 'sound' with the Helix so I have nothing to compare. For example: bass amp choice for a clean/funk sound thoughts about the myriad settings on each amp (drive/level/master etc) - for someone who hasn't owned an amp amp only vs. amp+cab (I assumed the 'cab' is now the PA, so I've gone with a clean sound like you would in a studio) which compressor is good for bass guitar and and simple tips (I know there is tons on the web about compression - but Helix/bass guitar specific) compressor position in chain how to make gentle distortion (think 'Sex on Fire' / 'Mr Brightside' levels) how to optimise the wah for the exp pedal I would be great if the forum could help me establish a basic bass rig (that others could copy) which has the fundamentals in order.
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