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  1. TheTwickerman

    Latency on optical s/pdif audio output

    That's what I am hoping, because I will be using it as a recording interface too.
  2. TheTwickerman

    How to troubleshoot the tt

    Fixed this - courtesy of Line6 support!
  3. TheTwickerman

    Latency on optical s/pdif audio output

    I found that the analogue connections (including the headphone socket) are ok. So that's what I am using now. I don't know whether the delay is in the encoding in the TT or the decoding in the amp (or both) - but either way, it's pretty useless!
  4. Hi folks, just connected the TT to the home cinema. I opted for optical s/pdif connection. There's a disconcerting lag on the audio. Is this a feature of the optical audio connection? Will it be better if I swap to an analogue connection? Thanks for any suggestions. - Nick.
  5. TheTwickerman

    How to troubleshoot the tt

    Brand new device. I just get the same. The first time I plugged in the Amplifi TT Windows7 complained that the USB device driver install failed. Subsequently nothing happens when I plug it in (except the audio bleep acknowledging a USB device is connected). Any suggestions?
  6. TheTwickerman

    Bass amp models? (newby question)

    Hi all, I've just ordered one of these (it arrives tomorrow). I'm looking of info on its suitability for bass guitar too. So far all the info I've found is vague. Does the unit feature bass guitar amp models? Is the frequency range adequate for the low notes? Grateful for any advice from you clever people! - Nick.