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  1. Thanks Silverhead. If I reset all my patches to mono, will there be other simpler alternatives?
  2. The L3t speaker is strictly an onstage monitor. The FOH mixer does support stage monitors but we've already run out of outputs.
  3. Hello. Is it possible to connect 2 guitars to the L3t and send only 1 output to the FOH? Here's the scenario: 1 guitarist is using a Kemper and has his own amp. He sends his signal to the FOH through the kemper. However since he is on the other side of the stage, I would like to hear his guitar on my L3t. (sort of a monitor for myself) Now, I'm running my guitar into a Pod Hd Pro X into the L3t and would like to send only my signal to the FOH. (sort of a reference speaker / monitor) The hiccup is that I use stereo patches. Is this possible?
  4. Connecting a pod HD via Usb captures the preamp of the floor processor right? Would it be possible to capture a Marshall amp head via the 4 cable method by connecting a pod HD 500X to a computer via Usb with the help of a proper signal chain? Im looking forward to buy the HD 500x and i use the 4 cable method a lot, and record via usb. But i would like to record the amp head, not the pre-amps. Is this possible without micing the cabinet? thx
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