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  1. I was thinking of buying an XLR to 1/4" adapter. That should work, correct?
  2. Noob question. I have an acoustic that has a 1/4" standard input and an XLR input. The 1/4" has a short in it. Am I able to use the XLR into the Helix? Is there anything special I need to do to set it up this way? Thank you.
  3. Silverhead....did you find you could dial in your tones through the cans? Or did you have to make some tweaks once you went live?
  4. So, I have purchased a set of BeyerDynamic DT990 Pro's that are open backed cans. I'm going to use these for mixing but thought I might try them through the headphone jack on my Helix. Have any of you tried this and does it accurately represent what you hear at your church or other venue through FOH? I would imagine the sound you get out of the headphone jack if you're using a good set of Studio cans wouldn't be "colored" differently than what goes out from your XLR outs to the board. Your thoughts?
  5. Ok, then. I must be suffering delusions, then. It was just a thought but since it's not even possible I guess I did it right. Thanks to all for responding!
  6. So, I updated to 2.80 about 4 or 5 days after its release and it went flawlessly. The only issues I'm having are the same issues others are having. However, I'm thinking I may have downloaded the Mac version of 2.80 and installed it rather than the Windows version. Is this even possible or would it have not worked since I'm using a windows PC? If I did actually do this what kind of issue might I be experiencing?
  7. That is freakin' awesome! That's a really nice look for the Helix! Nice job, man!
  8. You're correct in saying it is personal preference. Everything is.....but to say you can't get a HUGE sound out of the Helix is just incorrect. I get HUGE sounds no matter which guitar I use and, while I own some IR's, I primarily use only stock cabs. I'm not trying to be combative but I'd say you're doing something wrong if you can't get huge sounds out of your unit. And I agree with Phil_M about the "Helix challenge" and "confirmation bias". I get complimented all the time on how my sound is exactly like the recording which is very important when you're playing cover tunes in church or if you're playing cover tunes anywhere. The Helix is extremely authentic and huge sounds are no problem.
  9. I agree with Line 6 Support. I'm sure your unit is just fine and they'll be able to help.
  10. It is crazy but that's how they designed it to work. Just remember that for future updates and everything will go smoothly.
  11. Haha! I'm just messing with you, of course. You've always had great sounds, though. I remember back when I had my X3L and my 500X and you would post tips, sounds and links on your site. You were creating free sounds way before everybody else made it a standard practice. Great job!
  12. Great sounding patch and nice chops, as always! However, you might want to eat a couple cheeseburgers. I have guitar strings thicker than those arms,
  13. Definitely some nice guitar work there. If I'm being honest, though....I'm not sure about the drums.
  14. I also have the JTV-69S and I agree
  15. RD1967

    Parametric EQ

    I will give this a try and let you know the result. Thanks for your response.
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