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  1. So there are custom tones for the Catalyst on CustomTone. But cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to import them to the Catalyst Edit. Anyone figure that out yet? Thanks
  2. That was it, was the imputes gate...thanks
  3. I found some patches on custom tone that I liked, so downloaded them and tweaked them for my tastes. BUT there is one strange thing that happens with them, the sound gets choked off, after about 3-4 seconds...just an immediate end, no drop in volume or decay of the note(s) ringing, just a strange almost metallic stoppage. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Any thoughts on what is causing it? Thanks.
  4. Ohhhhh ...My bad Thanks
  5. MWolfkiel

    Ampeg SVT 4 ?

    Just updated to 2.8 and can't seem to locate the Ampeg SVT $....its not in any drop down menu I tried. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. I've just got a JTV 59 in the last few weeks, and am digging it so far. I have Workbench HD and lowered a lot of the string volumes on my acoustics, but still wonder if I can get better tone. I'm trying to get a "brighter" sound from them, like the intro to Can't Always Get What You Want by the Stones, or Behind Blue Eyes by the Who...I know both are a little different but wanted to give a fame of reference. I'm not sure if it is more Workbench tweaking or is it Helix Edit tweaking...or both. The acoustics I have now are fine for finger picking, but when strumming they still sound a somewhat dull and lifeless. Any thoughts or input or is it a limitation of the technology? Thanks in advance
  7. Funny...I read your post then went to open the Updater and there was the Helix. Thanks anyway
  8. I'm trying to update to the new 2.60 firmware for Helix LT. I've updated the HX Edit but the Line6 Updater doesn't show any devices to update? Anyone have an idea of what to do? Thanks in advance
  9. Anyone have a patch for controlled feedback applications, fading in a etc? Thanks
  10. My HD500 is about 2 years old and is doing the strangest thing lately. I will be playing through a patch (any patch) and the box will switch over to the tuner on it's own. It's obviously annoying to be playing a song at rehearsal and in mid stream have my sound cut out and look down to see the HD500 in tuner mode. Anyone else experience this or know how to stop it. We have our first gig tomorrow and I would like to have this fixed lol. Thanks
  11. Hey all, I have a POD HD500 that is about 2 years old; when I use the tuner and then switch back to whatever patch i was on, the box will automatically change between the tuner and the patch at indiscriminate intervals. Very strange and very annoying. I have not updated anything in the last 6 months (I think(. Any ideas as to what is going on? Thanks
  12. Yeah i have searched it, not much there unfortunately not the tone I'm searching for...usually just the Sweet Home Alabama tone
  13. Hey all you Line6 users, I am looking for tone patches for Lynyrd Skynyrd solo's, especially the more "woodier" tones. I have the full dream rig ...any input or help is greatly appreciated.
  14. Does anybody use the DT25 Combo with the Dt 25 or DT50 cabinets...if so how does it sound? I'm looking to make my sound bigger/fuller and thinking adding a cab will do it? Thanks
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