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  1. The SM7B is especially needful of a lot of preamp gain. You'd probably need at least a pre-amp, and possibly a pre-amp plus their cloud lifter product for this mic.
  2. The Grammatico might just be my new favorite amp, really unbelievable sound! King of Tone is also amazing. I love that they did the Murf too, it's so wild! I'm gonna find a use for that. So many nice little tweaks and improvements everywhere, especially in HX Edit.
  3. I'm an LT owner, and I do find it kind of big for my needs. I wouldn't want to sacrifice power, but I like the OP's idea about a medium sized Helix. That said, I'll freely admit that I wouldn't buy it because I'm an LT owner already and it would certainly cost me money to switch. Sooo, I'm not helping here haha.
  4. Just wanted to share something I've been doing with you all in case it helps someone. I love the matchless sound and I enjoy both channels, but the CPU drain of having both loaded is significant. Personally, I can't really hear the difference between matchstick ch 1 or 2 and matchstick jump with only 1 channel turned up. So, I just assigned a foot switch to turn one to 0 and the other to the gain I like, with the inverse for the other channel and I've got a two channel matchless without loading both channels! (or just use snapshots to do the channels) Matchstick Jump is still a cpu hog, but less than both channels separately. If you love this sound, it's worth playing around with!
  5. if you put reverb on it's own row with an A/B split, you can stack reverbs and even modulations and get really nice results. The stacked reverbs have nicer tails to me, i think they smooth each other out.
  6. Agreed, I only played with them for a few minutes, but there was a noticeable difference. They are more wet, but they feel smoother now too. There was a sort of graininess to them before that's gone now.
  7. I often use my helix lt for keys, so yes kind of! Its really fun.
  8. Thanks for making this video, I watched it a month ago myself and tried the ideas. I agree the new reverbs were a bit disappointing, this approach sounds quite good, it just eats up a fair amount of processing and one of the 4 paths. Still hoping Line 6 expands the hx reverbs more with something more usable. But in the meantime this is great!
  9. Thanks, I hadn't thought of doing that. I really have no desire to bring another box around with me to filter out certain midi CC numbers though, it's annoying that this is necessary! As the Helix is a guitar tool, I don't expect this to ever be addressed, but it would be nice! You can upvote it if you'd like: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Midi-tap-tempo-on-off/919545-23508#idea-tab-comments
  10. Actually, this didn't work. I think the problem is that I want both program changes AND no tap tempo on CC 64. With my Nord stage, whatever channel I have set as the transmit channel is where the program changes get sent. On the Helix, whatever channel the receiving channel is set to is where the tap tempo messages get received. So, I can't have both unfortunately. It's a shame because I REALLY want this to work! It's annoying to change patches on the keyboard and the helix when they both have midi.
  11. zachhodges

    2.5 reverbs?

    I feel like its been pretty quiet since 2.5 launched in regards to the new reverbs. Personally, I think they're an upgrade from the legacy reverbs but still not enough to replace a Big Sky. Ganymede and glitz are the only ones I find useful. But I'll admit that I haven't had as much time with them as I'd like. How are you all getting along with the new reverbs?
  12. I was very excited to go down this rabbit hole with my Nord Stage but the sustain pedal of all keyboards sends in CC #64 and that's locked to tap tempo on the helix, which really screws a lot of things up. So until I have a way around that I can't do midi.
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