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  1. Hi everyone, how can i switch my delay (e.g. Vintage Digital) from note sync (e.g. 1/8 notes) to time (e.g. 300ms) via MIDI CC change? For context, I have a Morningstar MC6 and an expression pedal. I want to have my delay sync to 1/8 notes most of the time, but when I hit a switch, i want it to go to time (milliseconds), and be controlled by expression pedal. I can't find any way to make this happen, as the sync/time switch doesn't seem to be mappable. Can't even seem to change it via snapshot... Anything I'm overlooking here?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a longtime HX Effects user, and would like to use the HXFX to control Native in the same way as I do for the hardware effects. I'm finding this very cumbersome & slow. For example, in Ableton I've had to first individually map each CC Toggle / Expression value to a "switch" in the plugin's "configure" interface, and if I want one switch to control multiple things (easy on HXFX), I have to assign it to multiple "switches" in "configure". THEN I have to map these switches to the switches inside the Helix Native plugin itself. This wouldn't be so bad if I just had to do it once, but there is seemingly no way to SAVE these mappings anywhere. So I have to continually RE-DO all this, which means it takes ~20 minutes just to insert the plugin. Is there any way to integrate HXN with HXFX better, so that the switches/expression pedals in the plugin itself are mapped (and these mappings are saved)? There's that enticing "MIDI In" indicator bottom right in the plugin, which implies there must be a way for the plugin to directly receive MIDI, but I've never figured this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. While Live 11 does seem to have slightly higher CPU usage than 10 did, for me it's working fine, and Helix Native in particular doesn't seem any different from under Live 10. I was a beta tester for 11, and THAT was pretty bad, with lots of CPU spikes. But under the release version, everything is purring along pretty well here.
  4. bump... doesn't anyone use midi to control HX Native???
  5. Hi all, I'm a new HX Native user, and long time HX Effects user. I'm trying to get HX Native to respond to MIDI CC messages per the manual section "MIDI Bypass & Controller Assignment." For some reason, the plug in doesn't seem to receive any MIDI at all (the "MIDI In" light never flashes). HXN doesn't respond in "Learn" mode, and even if i manually assign a CC, HXN doesn't listen to CC changes. Other plugins (e.g. Soundtoys Echo Boy) do successfully receive & respond to MIDI messages. Is there something in HXN that i need to enable? The manual implies this should be working. (I'm aware that I can hack together similar functionality by using automation parameters, but MIDI CCs supposedly should work, and would be much more fluid & quick to configure on the fly.) Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!
  6. EDIT with SOLUTION: Before crashing, an application named QtWebEngineProcess starts bouncing in the dock, and never settles down, indicating that it's never successfully starting. I opened up System Preferences/Security, and saw that there was an unknown app from "Fumihiko Takayama" (I might have misremembered that name) that was blocked. I allowed it, and then the updated completed successfully. ORIGINAL POST: subject says it all. I can't update my HX Effects (currently at v 2.71) because every time I run Line 6 Updater (2.80), it starts the update and then crashes. I've tried normal online mode, as well as manually downloading the firmware and doing it offline. Both ways it crashes. Luckily the HX Effects still boots in 2.71 with no problems. HX Edit 2.80 still seems to work with the unit. I'm on a mac with Mojave 10.14.6, HX Effects connected directly by the factory supplied cable. I'm really excited to try the new stuff! can anyone help?
  7. Hello! I'm using an M5 with an expression pedal (which works fine in general). On the Multi-Head delay, I want expression to control feedback and mix. But whenever I move it, it also changes the delay time that I hear. It does NOT change the delay time on the display (which is 1/8th notes), nor what the flashing tap tempo light shows. But the delay I'm hearing definitely goes much faster. It's as if it's resetting to a pre-determined rate. Further movement of the expression pedal does not change the delay time anymore, and it stays at this fast rate, until i tap something else. Then again, the tapped tempo only lasts until the next movement of the exp pedal. I do not have this issue with other delays where i've set up a similar thing. I've tried it with Analog, Ana+Mod, Tape, Tube Tabe, and Digital, and it works great with all of those. Why does only the Multi-Head delay revert to some unrelated time??? I've checked the settings and I have global tap enabled. I've also tried setting the bpm in the settings to both 240bpm and 30bpm, and this also has no effect on the problem. Any ideas? i'd love to be able to get the multi-head to oscillate without losing my tempo...
  8. I know this is an old post, but... does the Ernie Ball 6181 pedal respond evenly across the range of motion, or does it have an uneven range (more sensitive towards top or bottom or something)? I'm about to pull the trigger on this because EB pedals are nice & solid and decently affordable, but i have no way to try before i buy. also, you just plug a regular 1/4" cable into the output, or did you have to do something else to wire it up? thanks! ~peter in athens
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