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  1. I solved it! I "downdated" to 2.82 again, and the problem remained. It turned out that the SPDIF volume was automatically set to be adjusted with the main volume knob on the Helix. I programmed that knob to not control the SPDIF volume since I want it to be consistent at all time, and the knob is always at zero since I only use the SPDIF when playing. It was that simple! ^^
  2. My SPDIF output is completely silent after updating to 2.90 (Helix Floor) Everything is connected the same way as before (when it worked with 2.82) and I've checked all the settings on the Helix. The Helix output meter moves with my playing and I get sound from the analog outputs but my audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 1st gen) doesn't appear to receive any signal. I tried re-installing 2.90, but it didn't change anything. I also tried different SPDIF sample rates both on the Helix and Scarlett, but they were all silent.
  3. Hi! I plan to order the bias head at the end of the month, and I wonder if you've tried using your HD500 as a midi controller for the rack. I asked a guy on youtube who said he had some issues and that it was because of the POD. I've seen people using it successfully together with a Kemper, so I can't see why it shouldn't work with the bias... I have a 500X that I plan to use for control and effects. I've also spent countless hours of tweaking POD presets, but I just can't get the "bite" that I look for in high gain metal tones :P
  4. I know! It was hard for me to believe it as well, so I had to check it again today. I'm moving to another place after the summer, so I guess I can live with this lawn mower until then. Otherwise, I would have to break it or coat my walls with aluminum foil
  5. Yeah, I'm surprised that there are no regulations prohibiting a lawn mower like this one! I can't imagine how annoying it must be for someone who needs hearing aid. It seems like lawn mowers are not only causing problems for musicians, but also astronomers! I should suggest this sollution to the janitor :D
  6. The case is solved! It's been very interesting :P The noise came back again today, so I tried plugging the guitar straight into the audio interface. I got the same clicking there, so I could exclude any errors to the POD itself :) I then decided to check with all neighbouring apartments to see if they were using some powerful electronics, or also had issues with clicking. The guy living below me also had an electric guitar, and he got the exact same noise with his guitar and amp. The guy on the other side of the wall didn't notice anything himself, but he told me that he had been talking to a neighbouring lady who often got some noise in her hearing aid. He said that it always occured to her whenever the robotic lawn mower on our yard was going. I then decided to speak to the janitor of our community and ask about the lawn mower, and he could confirm that a lady had the same noise that I described. I then asked him to turn it off so I could see if it would cancel the noise for me, and it did! I would never expect that, but I'm very glad that I finally found the cause ^^ The janitor also said that the lawn mower parks in it's charging station at 6pm every day, so I'll have to wait until then before recording :P
  7. Thank you for your answers! Now the noise has been gone for two days in a row without any changes to the POD or any nearby electronics. I tried to plug the POD directly to the wall while I had the noise, but it remained the same. Since the noise was gone, I tried to turn all my electronics on and off to see if they would generate the noise, but I didn't hear anything more than some ordinary humming. (I had the noise gate turned off) While I had the noise issues, I tried to use the POD in the bedroom and the kitchen using only the "Guitar in"- and "Phones" ports, and there was no difference from the living room. If the noise ever comes back, I will try to plug my guitar straight into audio interface to see if it also picks up the noise. If so, the POD should be totally fine, right? 1. I tried to walk around as far as my 3 meter cable allowed, but my position didn't seem to change the sound. However, the noise changed depending on how I was holding my guitar. The clicking also changed sound slightly with the different mic switch-positions. 2. I'm not really sure what you mean by that, but I tried to use as few cables as possible ("Power" "Guitar in" "Phones") in all different rooms (except the bathroom since it lacks a power output). Please correct me if you think I'm wrong, but I think I could isolate the fault to magnetic leakage from an external source which induces noise in the pickups of my instruments. My neighbour is away during this week, but I will ask about his electronics as soon as I can :)
  8. I've tried some different options now, and the noise seems to depend on how I hold the instrument. If I for example turn my back against the computer, I get less noise. I also get more noise in certain positions on the guitar's mic switch. I'm now suspecting that my living room is a noisy environment due to a lot of electronics. The wifi-router behind my desk is highly suspected, so I will try to move it somewhere else. I got the same amount of noise in the bedroom, but it might be because of the router. I have my computer and POD close to a wall that divides my apartment from my neighbours. They might have some devices close to the wall that emit a lot of noise. I will do some more testing and share the results here. Maybe the POD is completely ok after all.
  9. The noise has returned for some reason =( I haven't done any changes to my POD or computer setup. I'll do some more testing, but I think it needs to be checked by a professional
  10. No, I have a separate switch on the strip for the pod.
  11. Hi! I got back home last night after spending the weekend at my parents' place, and it seems like the visit solved the problem with my POD even though it stayed at home :P I even tried to do some different settings to see if I could get the clicking back, but it seems to be all gone! I have the POD connected on the same power strip as my computer and several other devices, and all I did was to turn it off while I was gone, so I guess the problem came from the power supply. I couldn't find any chewing marks on the cables, or any traces of mouse poop ^^ Thank you all for the support!
  12. Thank you for the response! I tried the AUX input with all of my instruments (Two electric guitars and one electric bass), and I get the same problem. I also tried it with a brand new cable and got the same result. I'll go ahead and open a support ticket. I tried that one also, but it didn't help =( Thank you anyway! =)
  13. I've recently got problems with a clicking noise when I use my POD HD500X. At first I suspected my guitar, so I made sure everything was tightened properly. It didn't help, and I also noticed that I get this noise from all of my other instruments. It doesn't matter if I use the mono outputs, headphones or use the POD as audio interface. I've tried to reinstall all software with Line6 Monkey, and the problems remain. Here's a video describing my problems: I'd appreciate all kinds of suggestions for solving this :)
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