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  1. Problems with the global eq here too... Seems like it's working sometimes.
  2. The Pod Hd500x was only used as effect gear. I used the cabs and amps from BIAS. Maybe they (line6 and positive grid) sound the same, but the "feel" when playing is very different. I briefly tweaked the gear, so don't blame the pod or the bias (or amplitube) for bad quality. I will make something else when I got the urge and time :-)
  3. This was made in a... what can I say... Had a hard time with Rme Totalmix. Made me almost crazy... :-) Well, crazy I am, but the routing thing was hard and therefore it made me do only one "try" at each track! I did overdo the compression (don't remember, but something like Red Comp...) on the lead guitar. The backing guitar had a lot of noise gate... I just forgot to turn it of. The bass sound is just right in my head phones and on my hifi. I am not an sound engineer. I am aware that things will sound different on other hardware. You must also remember that the bass is my Fender Stratocaster Deluxe through Amplitube (guitar to bass). I am really impressed on what they managed to do with that preset. For me it sounds like upright bass with some... hm... strange things. It was the first thing I recorded and I did not change a thing, even though the timing was a bit off sometimes. I was about to record a high-gain guitar to, but it felt wrong with this track. Maybe next time :-)
  4. A little soundtrack for you! Pod Hd500x, BIAS, Amplitube, OSX, Fireface UC, Fender Strat Deluxe HSS, Epiphone Zephyr (1999 made in the peerless factory) and Band In A Box as drummer and keyboard man :-) All guitars are played once and there is just some eq editing. The bass is Amplitube guitar to bass, with some compression and eq and played by me, the first take, on my Fender Strat. So fun to do that. Tell me what you thought about this short jam-based music. https://soundcloud.com/leiv-inge-kvilhaug/smoothhtooms
  5. I will try out, maybe today, BIAS in the effect loop. Routing will be effect send stereo to input 3 and 4 (instrument/line input) on Fireface, and return from 3 and 4 on Fireface. Just that everything on the Fireface is balanced ins and out... on the pod hd500 its unbalanced? Will be interesting regarding noise. The phones output (fireface) is unbalanced so maybe I will try that. Some years ago I used the MacBook with Ableton Live (as an reverb/delay unit) with 2 Fender Hotrod deluxe amps. Also a lot of stomp boxes :-) This was in a rough enviroment with a lot of drunk people... Had no problems at all and it's very seldom that the MacBook stop working, if ever. Maybe buy a Mac Mini and a rack with a lcd screen and mount the sound card... Or just the Pod hd500x or just the Blackstar Artisan with pedals... Hm... To much fun! :-)
  6. Hi. Just tried the BIAS desktop on osx. Wow, I was blown away... Never ever felt this about any software amp before. Starting to doubth if I am really hearing and feeling right... (used the demo with Ableton live, and a Fireface UC) I do know it's not as portable as hd500, and is ment for studio. But... (if I dare) Pod Hd500 first, for effects, and then Bias as the guitar amp... Maybe Bias in the effect loop so I can get effects before and after the amp. What do you think? Maybe scary to take my laptop on stage... Last gig I had I just used the Hd500 and two dB 8" Twin monitors. Sounded good, but I was not able to get any good crunch (should have tweaked moore I guess). Will the BIAS in the effect loope play good? If I do that I also have a failsafe "button" if the macbook should fail. Just to choose a different program with similare setup and no bias :-) Have you tried BIAS? What do you think about the sound compare to Pod hd500x? Is the (bias) sound quallity the same on IOS and OSX?
  7. There was the answer I think :) Not time to try it out right now. I was talking about just using the podhd500x and not the fireface uc. Thanx!
  8. bump! Nobody used the pod with ableton live?
  9. Hi :) I have a few questions. (After trying with headphones) First of all I have an ok sound card (fireface uc) and I will try not to compare hd500x, as a sound card, with fireface uc. If I should do that I must say that the pod don't quite cut it :-) To bad really... Then I could just use the pod, my macbook, tubeamp, and pa monitor :-) Anyway...: How does the pod blend the audio from ableton live... and where? Do I have to do something to make the signal from pod (with the amp-sims and effects) go first and then ableton live? Or will this happen if I am using the main out, and not the headphones, through an monitor or something like that? With headphones I heard a fase problem or something like that. Maybe direct out and ableton live effects... It soundet a bit weird. Well... maybe somebody can direct me to a forum-post or similar to explane me what to do and not :) Thanx in advance :) (off course I'm have problems with the hardware also... trying to use the tuner... hm... if I'm lucky. It just don't like me. One button can just deside to activate several buttons...) Forgot something... Not in studio, live gigs!
  10. leff321

    Tuner problems

    No I did not try this. Will do :-)
  11. Today it happend again... Tried the amp at home and suddenly it was quiet... turned the drive knob and there was sound again :-) I am using this amp with a external line6 cab. Both to 4 ohm (is that correct?) When I turned it on the first time it did not start. Tried it agian and it startet... but after a while it went silent. So I just did what I told earlier and then there was sound. How come?
  12. leff321

    Tuner problems

    Hi. I have the pod hd 500x. Somethimes when pressing the tuner button it don't go to the tuner... it shows the tuner but then switches back. Then I have to unplug the pod and start it again. I have also seen that some buttons light flashes like crazy. I have the latest firmware, but it was like this before too. I really dont want to turn off the pedal in a gig. Can it be defect?
  13. I dont think I can send it in since I live in Norway... Going to use it for home a while and if it works fine, then I am going to sell it to someone who do not gig. I do have a nice amp... Blackstar Artisan 30 :-) But its a bit heavy... I dont want a standby amp in my car. I have to trust in my gear. Also thinking of selling the rest of my line6 gear... Maybe I just have to calm down first... :-) Thank you for your answer Tboneous!
  14. It looks like the power section was on, but the pream was off. Since there was no light at all but the tubes.
  15. If it was the power cord connection why would the tubes go on? And why did it work at home with the same setup? Strange... When turning the amp off (when it didnt work) there came the usual sound from the speaker...
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