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  1. hi there, i am trying but failing to update the firmware on the fx 100. i have downloaded the Line 6 utility and when i connect the unit via USB the driver doesn't download properly and as a result the program doesn't show that the fx100 is connected,( it says select a device to update but its blank) i am using windows 7 thank you in advance regards john
  2. would the Rolland um-one mk2 be compatable? as they seem to be a cost effective product regards John
  3. just tried sendsx, still nothing, made sure output went in input ect, but still nothing regards john
  4. thanks for the reply. can you tell me what usb interfaces so you use, I am wouldering if it is my interface as it is a inexpensive one from ebay, regards john
  5. I have been having problems updating my Firmware, for some reason computer is sending the information from my computer to the USB ( lights flashing ect) but the pedal is still on the waiting for commands screen, on my midiox I cannot change the buffering miliseconds to 101 as sudgested by Line6, In the advanced dropdown box there is a button for buffering and all this has is two boxes and no box to change the milisecons any assistance would be greatefully recived regards john
  6. Hi there, I am new to this forum and would like to say hello, I have now shifted over from a large pedal board to the M13 and would like some advice on a expression pedal? The line6 EX-1 I think will break in next to no time with my heavy feet, but I have seen people use the Boss FV 500 pedal, which one should I get, the H or the L, I use passive pick ups thank you john from Adelaide, South Australia
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