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  1. Does anyone know an easy way of associating two XLR inputs to ONE stereo track? trying to go Left / Right Helix and Left/Right Drums and not have to handle each side separately. Can't find an easy way to do this.
  2. It is clearly the update to MACOS.... it doesn't work in Garage Band either. Anyone solved this yet? Mac OS 11.3 w/ Helix Native.
  3. Fair comment re: REAPER... I have to stop clicking the download when the bloody thing is working! It was working fine before on Big Sur... so it might have been their update to 11.3... (How can you tell it's OS?)
  4. Weird.... here's the view I'm seeing:
  5. Reaper seems to force or suggest an update at every turn.... I just updated and Reaper ' MACOS Big Sur 11.3 Repear 6.28 Native 3.1 Native logs in... then shows nothing but a "Helix Native" splash screen..... Anyone else see this? Thx
  6. "signing failed"... userID and password wrong? despite me being able to log in to Line6.com. Any ideas?
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