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Found 5 results

  1. Once I updated my Macbook Pro late 2013 to MacOS Sierra 10.12 the UX2 usb audio interface crashes the computer. Everytime I plug in the ux2 interface, the computer immediately restarts and gives the error message (white text on black background). I have tried both of my Mac's usb slots, tried taking everything off of the interface (monitors etc.) and tried it with and without power cable on my computer. Also, when I try to start my computer while the UX2 is plugged in, the Mac's starting screen has some white error messages and then the computer restarts. Nothing helps. So atm I CAN'T USE THE INTERFACE AT ALL. Pod Farm software doesn't seem to have any problems. Please tell me if you've had these problems or you can help.
  2. Hey guys, So I was having the problem of installing gearbox on my new macbook pro 2012 on MacOS Sierra. Unfortunately I didn't find much of a solution here but I figured it out and I thought I'd share my solution. My Toneport GX now works with my mac and audio seems to work fine. Installing gearbox So if you run the master installer (.mpkg) you'll quickly see that you can't choose your hard drive because it's not OS X, but MacOS. Instead you can right click on the .mpkg file when you first open the installer and click on "Show Package Contents". Then go to Contents > Packages. Now you'll see the directory containing the individual packages. Be sure to click keep after running each package when it prompts you to move the .dmg to the trash. Install all of the packages except for the Driver Uninstaller. I don't know if the order you do this in matters but I just went for drivers, driver prefs, gearbox, plugins, line6 monkey then frameworks. You will likely have to keep security settings open to authorise running each individual package but it's a small inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. after you've installed the packages test to see if GearBox is working. Installing Drivers Go to the software download page and select your_device_name > Drivers > Mac OS X and download the driver. I didn't have any issues installing this one the typical way of just running the package. After installing the driver everything worked like a charm when I opened GearBox. Note The only shortcoming I noticed was that every time I open GearBox it gives me the first-time prompts even when I hit "Never show this again" and it opens up the documentation but I don't lose my custom tones or anything.
  3. Hi ANY help would be greatly appreciated as Im at the pinnacle of FRUSTRATION!!!!! I have a new (old) iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) Sierra OS 10 12 6 trying to sync up gear box to access tones on my POD X 3 Live tried individually opening the gearbox DMG- seemingly all is well until I launch GEarbox app I get messages such as, incompatible driver, ignoring pod x 3 live this device has an incompatible driver installed and the like in the line6 monkey app it says everything is up to date - the drivers, the flashware etc ... also got this "error opening midi ports code 80000005 unimplemented function called - " and there are NO MIDI devices in !!! Is anybody else having this problem ? is there a solution? I really love my x 3 live but losing hope on it now and thinking about using it as a boat anchor! Please help if you can Thx so much BE blessed Joe
  4. I upgraded my mac to OS Sierra but now my Toneport UX8 doesn't work anymore. I have already updated drivers but still crash my mac. When a new drivers release will be available for download? Thanks and regards, Andrea
  5. Hi! I updated my MacBook Pro 2015 to macOS sierra (10.12.3) and now I get choppy audio output with my Toneport UX8. There are a lot of short gaps and listening to music or watching video is really a pain. I tried it with different audio programs. Even the system sounds are choppy. It worked well with El Capitan. So it must be a problem with the new OS version or with the drivers. I already downloaded the latest driver version 7.6.7 but it didn't help. There are no other programs running which could interfere with the audio output. CPU usage is very low. Is anybody else experiencing the same problem with UX8 or another Toneport or Line6 device? Is there anything I can do to fix this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot! Michel
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