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  1. Hi ANY help would be greatly appreciated as Im at the pinnacle of FRUSTRATION!!!!! I have a new (old) iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) Sierra OS 10 12 6 trying to sync up gear box to access tones on my POD X 3 Live tried individually opening the gearbox DMG- seemingly all is well until I launch GEarbox app I get messages such as, incompatible driver, ignoring pod x 3 live this device has an incompatible driver installed and the like in the line6 monkey app it says everything is up to date - the drivers, the flashware etc ... also got this "error opening midi ports code 80000005 unimplemented function called - " and there are NO MIDI devices in !!! Is anybody else having this problem ? is there a solution? I really love my x 3 live but losing hope on it now and thinking about using it as a boat anchor! Please help if you can Thx so much BE blessed Joe
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