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HELIX Native troubleshooting


The two common usage issues seen with Helix Native are:


  • After a full Helix Native license is authorized, Helix Native is in Trial Mode when opened within a DAW.
  • Helix Native is crashing when attempting to open on an audio track within a DAW.


What has helped many users in either situation is the following:


  • Disable WiFi
  • Launch your DAW
  • Insert Helix Native on a track. The login page should pop up.
  • Turn on WiFi.
  • When you sign in, Native gets reauthorized. 


CPU usage:

Another common issue that may be noticed on some systems, is Helix Native's CPU usage reading higher percentage than what would be expected.

Helix Native is a CPU intensive plug-in, some of our systems show readings between 27-30%, the actual usage meter will vary from system to system.
Increasing the H/W playback buffer size, in your DAWs settings that can reduce CPU to a degree.


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