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  1. Was at a jam session today and couldn't get my app to connect to the amplifi 500. I quickly remembered I had downloaded the iOS 9.3 to my iPad, used my iPhone (still on 9.2) and everything worked great. I am hoping we don't have a repeat of iOS 9.0, but I am fearful we will. Hopefully Line 6 will be paying attention to this and be ready when the iOS 9.3 update drops!
  2. I've all but given up on this being a guitar amplifier... If there is a new firmware update I'll attempt to update and see if this solves any of my issues. Honestly, the last few updates have been a nightmare, so I'm not holding out hope. Thanks for the info though!
  3. When it worked, it was great for gigs. I usually play for morning brunches though, haven't played in the bars for a few years. This is the ultimate amp for my teaching studio, at least it used to be!
  4. Yes, tried all the above. That is actually what started all my frustrations, I listed everything I had tried in the support ticket to Line 6. They responded that I should try almost everything I had already said I tried. It was very clear that they did not read the support ticket I had sent to them, before responding.
  5. My hesitation in taking it to a service center is, there is no service center near me. I would have to ship it off. The service rep helping me responded today agreeing with me. He thinks I should wait for the firmware update before shipping it off. If Line 6 would cover the cost of the shipping I would not hesitate to send it to them. Being a one of the first adopters of the Amplifi, I'm am well over the year warranty they provide. The reason I'm so impatient on this issue is because in the early days of owning this, there were fairly consistent updates and communication. Customer service was much more willing to help and and brainstorm solutions to any problem I had. It seems line 6 has moved in to bigger and better projects and left the line 6 behind. We do not get updates (firmware or software) nearly as often. The last three problems I've had with the Amplifi, the go to answer is, restore to factory setting, if that doesn't work, take it to a service center. The other problems I had, I was able to fix myself after working on it for hours. Considering everything on my amplifi is working fine except for the app, I would bet the problem lies in the app. If I were a 'betting man' that's where I'd place my money.
  6. I would agree if I've always had trouble with the amp. I bought the amplifi on day 1, and for the most part it has been great. I never suffered the random connectivity issues. Vast majority of my problems started with iOS 9, since the app has been updated, the app will not stay connected. Bluetooth works fine, still can play music over the speaker but the app will not stay connected. This leads me to believe it's a software problem.
  7. Welcome to the world of amplifi! I have the same problem, Line 6 customer service tells me it's something wrong with the amp and to take it to a service center. Ever since the release of iOS 9 I've had a really expensive Bluetooth speaker in the corner of my studio. Wish they would fix it!!!!
  8. New update on my support ticket. Jason, from line 6 did reply, said my best option is take the amp to a service center. However, I still feel like this is a software issue. My phone will randomly connect, syncs for close to a minute, than looses the connection. I am still able to use the Amplifi as a bluetooth speaker, this leads me to believe it is a software issue, not hardware. I don't think a service center could do anything to magically make the app work.
  9. So true. I feel they have completely abandoned the Amplifi. They gave us a pretty looking update to the app that stays open. Other than that, they did not fix anything.
  10. True enough, I would feel guilty about selling this thing to some other poor sucker. It's a shame Line 6 won't fix this! Such a great studio amp when it works.
  11. I posted a few day ago about my problem with the Amplifi 150... In a nutshell, when the update hit I was very impressed, so impressed I canceled my classified add to sell the Amplifi. Since the first night messing with the app & Amplifi I have not been able to reconnect with the Amplifi 150. Music streams just fine, but the Amplifi and the app will not connect to each other. Contacted customer support and the representative did not even take the time to read my full problem. He responded back, telling me to take steps that I had already taken. Had he read the full problem, he would of realized this because I clearly listed all the trouble shooting steps I had taken. In my response back I told him I had already tried his suggestion. His reply was to take it to an authorized service center. If my Amplifi 150 had been working for the past month, I probably wouldn't be so frustrated. I was about to sell the Amplfi when the update came out, after trying the updated app, I canceled my classified add and my faith in Line 6 was restored a little bit. However, after this problem and the response from Line 6, I'm at my wits end. This is the 2nd time that they suggested I take the Amplifi to a service center. The first time I was able to fix the problem myself after hours of trying different things, so I am not convinced that a service center is the answer. Am I the only one going through this!? Posted this rant on the forums in hopes that I will get some sort of response from Line 6 and maybe some feedback from other customers frustrated with recent issues. I am about to leave the Line 6 products for good because of the whole iOS 9 debacle and the issue I am having now. I have also had many other problems prior to this, so this is just the last straw for me. When the Amplifi works it is a genius product that I love and use daily in my teaching studio. Hopefully Line 6 can get this worked out and keep a customer!
  12. So tired of dealing with this. Was totally stoked to see the updated app. I canceled an online add I had to sell my Amplifi 150 and decided to give it one more chance. I successfully connected to the app once and was impressed with the improvements. However, since day one of the updated app I have not been able to connect the app to the amplifi. The Bluetooth works fine, I am able to listen to music through the Amplifi, but I still can not change/edit any guitar tones. I have tried all the normal trouble shooting steps (disconnect Bluetooth and reconnect, reset network settings on iPhone, restored Amplifi to factory settings and restore iPhone 6S to factory settings). No luck with anything!!! Has anybody found this update actually works!?! Such a disappointment! Any suggestions I haven't thought of would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Wow, they can send out an email saying it's working. But somehow they neglect to send one out before all of us updated to iOS 9. Sad to say they acted too late. I sold my amplifi 150 on Thursday. Lost another customer!
  14. Bravo!!! Sdzimmerman nailed it!
  15. I upgraded to the 6S, downgrading to iOS 8 is not an option. Line 6 just needs to pull it together. Amplifi will be the last Line 6 product I ever own.
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