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Found 6 results

  1. Updated Firmware 3.15 and Helix has: Boot Failure, Entered update mode! Little red 0 top left of screen. Tried all combinations of reboot foot switch hold downs recommended. Updated HX edit 3.15 Windows 10 was done prior to Firmware update. Update was from 3.0 to 3.15 Tried several times to reboot, connected, unconnected, changed USB cable, still will not recognize or connect to HX edit, tried different laptop with updated HX edit. no success. Uninstalled HX edit, reinstalled HX edit still no success. Please don't reply with hold footswitch 6&12 during reboot, I have tried them all! Opened a ticket but have a gig soon so if anyone can help I thank you in advance!
  2. Hi Everyone, a few days ago i got the Spider V 60 amp i immediately bought a USB cable to use it with Spider V remote. Unfortunately it says No device Connected. I've tried on multiple computers. I've got the latest Drivers installed. I tried Line 6 updater as well, it doesn't show there either. Same for windows own device manager. I am at a loss and reinstalling drivers and software doesn't seem to change anything. Any suggestions?
  3. Spider v 60 Fimware 1.02 // 1.03! I am writing this little article to me very much rage in the belly. I paid for the Sipder v 60 329 €, and never had so much frustration in my musician life (last 20 y.). How can you be so stupid and still use USB in 2016? But okay, I have here 5 Android devices -> One must work nevertheless? 1. HomTom HT17Pro - Android 6.x something -> OTG all fine. Testing OTG with a USB Stick. Works fine no problem. -> Spider V 60 -> No connection 2. Huawei P7 (with root) - Android 5.5.1 -> OTG works perfect with USB stick. Spider v 60 -> no connection 3 Kindle Fire 2 .Gen -> OTG works perfect with USB stick. Spider v 60 -> no connection 4. Kindle Fire HD 7 stock Rome with root (5.1.1) - OTG Check fine -> Spider v 60 no connection !! Attention: Audio playback via USB / firmware update via USB and recording via USB function without problems !!!!! 5. So I have briefly my Kindle Fire HD flashed on Cyanogenmod 12.3 Also there everything is okay with the OTG check and USB stickts are recognized. Only this lollipoping Spider v 60 AMP is too stupid to remember anything. Of course, I have every crappy cable exchanged to really exclude everything. Last but not least, I created a virtual machine in VMware with Android 6.0 -> OTG is also there, as soon as this dirty AMP connected we crashes the VM. I have tried everything now for 10 hours and I would like to get the product designer in the fingers. And I do not think the AMP is broken, this is your lollipop implementation. Why are you doing this crap to the users? Who decided that? Unfortunately the amplifier is what I need, and the Marshall Code 50 does not offer me the effects. But it is clear to me that this was the last Line 6 product. I think I'm spinning. 20 years of music, I grab something and it works. Actually quite simple, and then such a crap here. Are you testing the crap yourself?
  4. Was at a jam session today and couldn't get my app to connect to the amplifi 500. I quickly remembered I had downloaded the iOS 9.3 to my iPad, used my iPhone (still on 9.2) and everything worked great. I am hoping we don't have a repeat of iOS 9.0, but I am fearful we will. Hopefully Line 6 will be paying attention to this and be ready when the iOS 9.3 update drops!
  5. So tired of dealing with this. Was totally stoked to see the updated app. I canceled an online add I had to sell my Amplifi 150 and decided to give it one more chance. I successfully connected to the app once and was impressed with the improvements. However, since day one of the updated app I have not been able to connect the app to the amplifi. The Bluetooth works fine, I am able to listen to music through the Amplifi, but I still can not change/edit any guitar tones. I have tried all the normal trouble shooting steps (disconnect Bluetooth and reconnect, reset network settings on iPhone, restored Amplifi to factory settings and restore iPhone 6S to factory settings). No luck with anything!!! Has anybody found this update actually works!?! Such a disappointment! Any suggestions I haven't thought of would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Everything was working fine until i updated using line 6 monkey. Now my pod farm 2 seems to be working correctly but my reason isnt picking the ux2 up. It says no audio connections available. I feel ive tried everything from going to preferences, the tune fork button on reason, recording options. please help!!!!
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