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  1. Hello, in our rehearsal room the temperature can be drop to 5°C (freezing protection). I want to storage my HELIX Rack there. Could it be a problem for the Display? (Dead pixel etc.) From my Car Radio (Android) there is no problem if the temperature dis-crease below -10°C. Cheers, Sascha
  2. This ist more a "Style" Problem than a technical issue. If the Menu Shows XLR Out Put, XLR Left and XLR Right ( i See No Problem, If the menu Just fix the Pan to the specific Side), i can recall a years old setting and the direct the right Outputs.
  3. Greetings from Germany, since I have not only my guitar but also my vocals over my helix rack run it would be great for the live performances if I can spend a DSP track on XLR left and spend the other on XLR right. Then my signal paths are symmetrical and I do not need to fumble around with PAN Settings. Out Put Menu XLR XLR left XLR Right
  4. Dear all, I bought a Variax 700 today. Unfortunately, I only find information about the 500/600 or other guitars. What software do I need to change the settings? Workbench HD? Best regrads Sascha
  5. Thank you for the your feedback. Today is carrie my AMP to my Work and test it with a Iphone 5s (current OS). Same Problem: Audio Playback is possible, but the App show: No device connected. Intressting Point: -> It asks you whether you want the app to start automatically when the device is plugged in I never see this Massage. I only the see massage from the App "Note teacher" on one of my device. Update 2: A college with a new Samsung S7 give it a try. Same. Audio Rooting, works. No Device Update 3: So i will go striaght to the shop and change the AMP. Problem they have no more there. And positng takes up to 3 weeks. The customer experience is really bad, sorry.
  6. I´ve wasted aother hourt for the lollipop. I drive to my parents and test there Samsung S4 mini (no root) with Android 6.0.1 -> same. No device I test the Elephone with Android 5.X -> No device. After so many hours... yes, i use the right cable and the switch is in the right position. Status: Audio Recording via USB -> works perfekt Firmware upgrad -> yes, perfekt 1.03 installed USB Audio -> yes OTG Cabel 1 & 2 checked -> USb Flashdrive no Problem works perfekt. VirtualBox + Extension: USB 1.1 USB 2.0 USB 3.0 Android 7.0 No connection* No connection* No connection Android 6.X No connection* No connection* No connection Android 5.1 No connection* No connection* No connection Android 4.4 No connection* No connection* No connection *Apps stop working, VirtualBox stops to work 2 Hosts PC checked -> USB 2.0 Ports and USb 3 Ports -> Both Windows 10 USB Audio works fine from VM -> Host Same with VMWare Player (newest both versions) My Favorit Hardware: Kindle Fire HD 7 -> now with Cyanogenmod 12.3 USB Diagnositcs: Andoird API Calims support yes Classes found yes Device detected yes Root API Claims support N/A Device detected N/A Kernel Claims support yes Device detected yes Verdict OS support yes 3rd party apps Full HOST Mode active. MTP Mode -> First put the amp in the tablet then app starting -> no device -> App starting, and amp connecting -> no device. Can i force the device search in the app? If it doesent work till the weekend, i go to the shop and bring him back.
  7. Hello, yes i have two OTG Cable. 1 Cheap from Ebay and this one https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00WHZAMVI/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Doesent work. OTG with USB drives works perfekt. USB Audio too.
  8. After a night sleep I want to make something constructive: Do you think it is possible to create a Raspberry PI Image with Android and then use the App? Does anyone want to do that (with me?) So it is possible to build a "Desktop" for the Line 6 Products (based on Android) for 40Euros (or Less). And all fine. Does anyone have a raspberry and a Spider V 60 at home and could test it? Android 7 for Raspberry http://github.com/peyo-hd/device_brcm_rpi3/tree/nougat
  9. Spider v 60 Fimware 1.02 // 1.03! I am writing this little article to me very much rage in the belly. I paid for the Sipder v 60 329 €, and never had so much frustration in my musician life (last 20 y.). How can you be so stupid and still use USB in 2016? But okay, I have here 5 Android devices -> One must work nevertheless? 1. HomTom HT17Pro - Android 6.x something -> OTG all fine. Testing OTG with a USB Stick. Works fine no problem. -> Spider V 60 -> No connection 2. Huawei P7 (with root) - Android 5.5.1 -> OTG works perfect with USB stick. Spider v 60 -> no connection 3 Kindle Fire 2 .Gen -> OTG works perfect with USB stick. Spider v 60 -> no connection 4. Kindle Fire HD 7 stock Rome with root (5.1.1) - OTG Check fine -> Spider v 60 no connection !! Attention: Audio playback via USB / firmware update via USB and recording via USB function without problems !!!!! 5. So I have briefly my Kindle Fire HD flashed on Cyanogenmod 12.3 Also there everything is okay with the OTG check and USB stickts are recognized. Only this lollipoping Spider v 60 AMP is too stupid to remember anything. Of course, I have every crappy cable exchanged to really exclude everything. Last but not least, I created a virtual machine in VMware with Android 6.0 -> OTG is also there, as soon as this dirty AMP connected we crashes the VM. I have tried everything now for 10 hours and I would like to get the product designer in the fingers. And I do not think the AMP is broken, this is your lollipop implementation. Why are you doing this crap to the users? Who decided that? Unfortunately the amplifier is what I need, and the Marshall Code 50 does not offer me the effects. But it is clear to me that this was the last Line 6 product. I think I'm spinning. 20 years of music, I grab something and it works. Actually quite simple, and then such a crap here. Are you testing the crap yourself?
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