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  1. Yes, I can confirm that 10.11.1 seems to have fixed the issues I was having with ux2. I think it's todo with validation of drivers & El Capitan being stricter about what it loads.
  2. Agreed - it seems to be a general problem with Line6, similar thing happened with the Amplifi amp, rendered unusable when iOS 9 came out even though they'd had months of notice that the remote app didn't work on the beta. And to anyone that thinks that's ok, Line6 issued an apology to users and promised they'd made changes to ensure it didn't happen again, so they agree this is unacceptable. It's really dented my confidence in what are generally great products. I think the focus as in so many companies is in shifting new product.
  3. That's cool, I tried to do a similar thing using Chrome's arc welder, I got the app running on OS X but no Bluetooth support in that framework. As a developer, I'd encourage Line6 to publish the specs for the Bluetooth protocol so anyone could write an editor. As they make no money from their software, more platforms would clearly mean more sales, and a more future proofing for customers.
  4. I'm enjoying the new app, not seen any disconnection issues, I'm on iPad Air 2 so maybe the spec of the iPad makes a difference.
  5. So, I started this topic on 16th July - it's now October and Line6 STILL have no date for a fix. Anyone that thinks that's acceptable is a gullible fool.
  6. Ok, I'll just go and buy some Android based hardware shall I? Ridiculous.
  7. Hi there, I've been using my Amplifi 75 for rehearsal in a band for a while, it's been great. I've also had some compliments about how great it sounds. If I'd known I'd have been using it for band practice I probably would have got the 150, but really I can't complain about the sound & volume. Also, despite what I read on the net it can be plugged into a PA if you want.
  8. From what I can tell they released their statement shortly before the release date for iOS 9. There have been postings on the forums from me and others for weeks and weeks saying it was broken on iOS 9. I even contacted them directly weeks ago to tell them - no reply.
  9. The issue manifests when bluetooth comms are attempted - happens predictably ever time. They shouldn't need an outsider to tell them how to fix it, running it in a debugger would tell them in minutes what the issue is. Most likely an API call is returning a null pointer where it used to return an address, probably because the API has either changed it's signature, or become more strict, or it's return behaviour has been amended. The point is, bugs that happen the same way every time are the easiest to diagnose, and as this used to work (to an extent), the fix should be relatively trivial and quick. The fact they haven't released a fixed version ahead of a well publicised release date is just awful.
  10. Not good enough - the bug has been reported to them over two months ago, the beta has been available for a long time, plenty of time to fix the issue which probably isn't complex, but which renders the app totally unusable.
  11. Yes - considering it was known to be broken two months ago, the fact they couldn't get a grip on it and release a fix in time is awful. Any competent developer could do this, I develop apps myself and know that this issue could have been fixed easily.
  12. Yes, very happy with the 75. Great for home use, loads of fun playing with the tones. Don't have a lot of connection issues. I got the FBV II Shortboard which made it much more usable, reasonably priced on eBay too. It's a real pain that you can't change the bank from the amp controls but once you've got the board it's not an issue.
  13. Great idea, I'd love to see what could be achieved with it. Doubt it'll ever happen.
  14. Ah well, can't be long now... surely.
  15. Sure - I just wondered if anyone had a work around, i.e. was it just me.
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