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  1. Using iPad air 2, streaming from Spotify, guitar pro, Apple Music and via http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com.
  2. have to say been using the new app on ios9/iPad with my amplifi 75 this morning and no lost connections, streaming backing tracks in the back ground whilst editing patches... Finally working in a way it should. If the communications could be better to keep us informed that a new version there would of been a lot less emotion of this forum. And reading the ios9 post from line6 sounds like working is continuing on improving the firmware, so more features/support/stability coming through. Back to being a happy customer.
  3. Hi, couldn't find the 7.2.9 drivers but did find 7.2.4 drivers which I can confirm also work! M
  4. Hi All, Having the same problem, tried the link to the driver above which I assumed by the post was for Pod X3 Live, and it takes me to the StageScape M20d drivers.... Please help, what am I missing....? Many thanks. Mark.
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