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  1. In an response to a Line 6 Customer Service Manager who attempted to minimize this incredible misstep by line 6, I wrote the following: Dear Mr. (name with held for the time being) , Thank you for taking the time to respond unfortunately it does little to address the problem at hand. Perhaps Line 6 could make a statement to al the customers that purchased Amplifi products that the scheduled recording sessions, performances, etc.. that they may have can just go on hold while the Line 6 coders get to work on matters that should have been addressed months ago. It is no secret that Apple makes a major upgrade to their iOS on an almost to the day annual basis. They also make the unreleased iOS available to developers months in advance, so for Line 6 to have to play catch up a second time within the last 12 months (iOS 8.3 had many of the same issues while trying to run the Amplifi App) suggests that Line 6 is content to take a reactive strategy in product dev. I guess you figure you got you money out of us when we bought these products and there is little profit to be made in keeping them functional. I have purchased many line 6 products over the last 12 years and never could have imagined your company would have become so disrespectful of their customers as they have over the last 10 months. I hope you can share these thoughts with Line 6 management in hopes that the next product release is done with a great sense of consideration and respect for your customers. I feel Line 6 has really let its customers down with this product line. For a second time within a year, the Amplifi app fails to integrate properly with the iOS, leaving their product, that was purchased in good faith by us, at about 10% of what its functionality should be and with out any indication as to when Line 6 will fix their app and make it compliant with Apple's iOS. It's not quite yet a boat anchor, but every few months, Line 6 seems to do their best to make it just that. Please encourage other Amplifi users you may know to contact Line 6 to tell this this is unacceptable. To sell a product predicated on using the operating system of another company, and then to do nothing to insure your own product is functional when this operating system undergoes a well publicized upgrade is a giant FU to all of us in the lLine 6 community.
  2. line 6 continues to leave their ampli customers out in the cold when ever apple upgrades the ios

  3. This is a substantial and on going failing on the part of Line 6. To predicate the operation of your Amplifi series on the use of the required use of Apples ios platform and then do nothing when this operating system is upgraded which appears to be a surprise to Line 6 every time, that is some pretty unsophisticated understanding of technology in the 21st century. And when your tech supports response is in essence, "yeah, i know, stuff doesn't work...bummer. Hang in there" that is also a very bad sign. Would some member of Line 6's upper management please have to courage to come to this forum and tell thousands of their customers why they should be content when their gear now operates at about 3% of its capabilities for months at a time, all this while Line 6 once again plays catch-up to to this crazy company called apple that has the nerve to improve upon their products
  4. Anyone else experiencing problems with the Amplifi App shuuting down when a bluetooth connection is made to any device running the iOS 9 beta . I also had this same problem with iOS 8.3. App would always crash, Problem resolved when 8.4 was introduced. (btw, other than this problem, the iOS 9 is a big jump, so torn about uninstalling. Thanks D. Weeks
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