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  1. Surely you are making a very bad joke. I'm going to replace an iPhone and an iPad with Android?!!! Because Line 6 screwed up???! Maybe if you played more music and posted a little less than 17000 times you would understand the rest of us just want the product to work. And, NO, I am not hacking my phone or iPad back to a version that will be unsupported any day now because Line 6, who chose the IOS platform for a control surface, can't keep current. It's really simple. Pay someone who knows how to fix the freaking app!!!!! Then, send some form of fair compensation for this absurdity!!!!!!
  2. Silverhead It is not the user's responsibility to expect the product to work as advertised. This was an annual IOS update with Beta versions available for developers for many months before release. My iPhone and iPad still work after this release. The consumer should expect the manufacturer to ensure compatibility and test to that result. I have always given Line 6 credit for excellent customer service when deserved as it has given to me in the past. But, this is inexcusable. I expect this to be corrected immediately and I expect Line 6 to offer fair compensation for this product not being usable as advertised. I would realistically consider an offer to receive an Amplfi 150 in exchange for my Amplify 75. That's a $100.00 difference. I think my inconvenience is worth at least that. For the 150 guys, I think Line 6 should pay them $100.00 screw up fee. That might save some of their long time customers.
  3. At last, a dated response. I appreciate your response and realize this is not your personal responsibility. However, asking for patience is sadly inadequate since Line 6 failed to test this after being notified here on your forum of issues users had with the Beta version of IOS 9. The fact that other developers were equally as negligent is no excuse. I had issues with my other Line 6 products and was always treated fairly, maybe more than fairly. I spread that good will to all my music buddies as it was well deserved. This is the opposite extreme. I sold an all tube Marshall combo amp to gain the tonal flexibility of this product without having to bend over to tweak tones via my iPad. Now, that functionality is gone. I have a 4 tone amp. I would equate your response like this - "be patient, your paycheck is coming soon, we don't know when, but it is a very high priority". Line 6 needs to fix this NOW and offer fair compensation for this avoidable support disaster since the product is unusable as advertised!!!
  4. I have been a loyal customer since the POD XT Live, then the POD X3 Live, now the Amplfi 75. It is beyond belief you guys did not test this with the IOS 9 Beta. It is further beyond belief you guys didn't have your own update for IOS 9 when it was released. After all, this is an IOS controlled device!!!! Specifically marketed that way. We all know you had bugs with blue tooth data connections, but, you could still use the product. I don't recall seeing any " do not upgrade IOS version" disclaimers in the advertisements. You can't expect customers to instinctively check the Line 6 forum to see if it's okay to upgrade their device's IOS! You Line 6, need to do a better job period. It's this kind of lollipop that keeps Line 6 from getting to the next level. Get off your lollipop and spend the money to fix this NOW!!! What compensation do you plan on offering to your loyal customers who bought a 4 tone amp for $400.00 and $500.00 bucks? This update was not a surprise. Apple has a major update every year. Line 6 chose to ride that popularity, so, Line 6 has the responsibility to keep compatibility with it. I will be expecting my free Helix in the mail any day now!!!!
  5. I love my X3Live, even though I had to send it back for the audio drop-out issue way back when it was new. I never did understand why Line6 introduced the HD series while doing away with most of the coolest features of the X3 like all the output choices. As for the Coke Classic analogy, the same thing that applied to Coke applies to any Brand or product. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The only lasting complaint about the X3 Live was the plastic chassis. I don't gig, but, I have dragged it to a lot of jams with no issues. I would love to see them re-issue it as was! I think the AMP-LIFI is cool but they really should have put at least a tube pre-amp in it.
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