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  1. Help I've lost the power supply for L6 JTV-69 battery cradle. What would be a suitable replacement? i.e what is the voltage, amperage, polarity?
  2. Actually , The Variax guts are an essential component of the AB Parker. But I don't know what a "power regulator" is..Maybe hes asking about the L6 VARIAX Power adapter.
  3. wcmexbm

    Line 6 Please...

    Really started this thread just for discussion for future reference. But having said that I'm seriously thinking of buying a Headrush strictly for the looper. It hits all the right marks for a performance looper; Long available loop time, variable Loop decay, the ability to "Punch-in" undo of last layer and add to that on-board effects.
  4. wcmexbm

    Line 6 Please...

    Purchase a Headrush Pedalboard rip out the Looper and stuff it in the Helix. Thank You
  5. wcmexbm

    HX Reverbs Sum To Mono?

    So, is the ping-pong delay a dual mono effect?Using this logic any stereo effect placed before a ping pong delay set at full wet would sum to mono, Yet this is not the case,only the reverbs do this... Frankly I don't understand his aurgument at all. I have an eventide H9 (Not dual mono) when I run direct out of Helix stereo L/R using a Ping pong delay into the stereo inputs of the H9 set to a reverb algorithm full wet, I still clearly and fully and hear with crystal clarity the back and forth delay.
  6. wcmexbm

    HX Reverbs Sum To Mono?

    OK, reported as a bug, if it's not..whatever, moving on.
  7. wcmexbm

    HX Reverbs Sum To Mono?

    :huh: :huh: :huh: Huh?....I guess at this point I'm supposed to say " Oh well, at least it was a free update".
  8. wcmexbm

    Helix Bug Reports

    HDX verbs mono at input when full wet, also glitz and maybe others ostensibly nullify stereo L/R hard pan effects. See this thread: http://line6.com/support/topic/31963-hx-reverbs-sum-to-mono/?do=findComment&comment=245664
  9. wcmexbm

    HX Reverbs Sum To Mono?

    That's exactly the way it should be to my thinking as well. A stereo reverb shouldn't nullify a stereo image at the output. But I have a feeling this is intentional, It was the same way with the old PodHD STUFF TOO.
  10. wcmexbm

    HX Reverbs Sum To Mono?

    But the reverb should process the input, whatever is at the input should be reflected at the output,even if the mix is at 100%. If what you're saying is true then full wet = summed to mono at verb input.
  11. wcmexbm

    HX Reverbs Sum To Mono?

    No mistake about it, using the STEREO panner, hard square wave before the STEREO glitz verb w/ the reverb mix set to 100%, there is absolutely NO stereo panning going on. In fact if i play a note without the verb engaged the sound is hard bounced back n forth BUT, when i engage the glitz as stated above the panning effect is nulled, completely bypassed.
  12. wcmexbm

    HX Reverbs Sum To Mono?

    To clatify, it appears the inputs of HX verbs are summed to mono but the outputs are stereo. So if you have a ping pong delay going into a new verb with the verb mix at 100% wet you will lose the ping ponging of the delay though the verb will be stereo. Not to sound bitchy but if this is the truth...it sucks.
  13. wcmexbm

    HX Reverbs Sum To Mono?

    No, definitely stereo, HX verbs are the last block in the chain.
  14. wcmexbm

    HX Reverbs Sum To Mono?

    When using the new HX reverbs in Helix I noticed that if I have say, a ping pong delay before any of the HX verbs if I turn the wet mix to 100% the ping pong delay gets summed to mono. Why is L6 doing this again? This was one of the reasons I hated Pod HD stuff. Anybody else getting this?
  15. wcmexbm

    HX Effects FAQ

    Yes but for...oh never mind! It is what it is, not what what it coulda' been.