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  1. pianojunky's post in Why windows??? was marked as the answer   
    I'd kiss you if I knew you. For some reason the site I was going to, http://line6.com/software/,  was not giving me a valid file to download. Thanks for the help! 
  2. pianojunky's post in Flashing Tone lights, Amplifi Frozen was marked as the answer   
    Okay, I am back in business. Was able to update through the iPhone. Then I encountered a whole new problem...
    The Amplifi would show up on the iPhone and iPad as 'Amplifi 75' (I have a 150), it would stay connected for about 2 seconds and then the connection was lost, it did this with both the iPhone and iPad. After messing with the bluetooth setting for about 20 minutes, I decided to restore the Amplifi to factory settings by holding down the Volume and Tone buttons. This did the trick, I was able to connect through bluetooth to the iPad, and it finally showed up in the app as 'Amplifi 150' I hope the future updates aren't this big of a pain!
    A side note... restoring the Amplifi to factory settings didn't seem do much more than resetting the bluetooth and putting the factory tones back in the presets. The Amplifi still had the updated firmware on it. 
  3. pianojunky's post in Can't Save To Hardware was marked as the answer   
    Didn't delete and reinstall but it magically started working again. The only change is I updated my iPad.
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