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  1. Update on my end: I've discovered that, for the SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error, it's caused by a conflict between the HD500 driver, and my integrated AMD Radeon HD 8400. Why do I know this? The STENH error only shows up when I'm using the HD500's USB interface WHILE I've got my external monitor plugged into my laptop's VGA port. For anyone getting the STENH error, your GPU is likely to blame. Unfortunately, as mine is integrated, there is Jack and Squat that I can really do of it... Very disappointing, as I kinda need the additional pixel-based real estate when running Cubase. As for the IRQL error, I got one of those the other afternoon as well. But I have yet to see it twice. A simple restart fixed the IRQL for me. Perhaps, for some, running a program like CCleaner and disabling software like AVG are a good workaround to that. I'll let you guys know if I see the IRQL error again. When something happens more than once, there's obviously something to find. lol Til later~
  2. As a lot of people have said so far, using the HD Edit program is by far the easier method when compared to using the physical interface. It takes out a LOT of the weirdness of cycling through options and objects with just a few hat-buttons and some knobs. I know that when I first sat down with my HD500, I felt like I was staring at a rocket-launch console. I think that it's the tiny LED screen that presents the biggest mental obstacle, to be honest. ;p But anyway, once you're in the HD Edit menu, it's pretty simple to see what's going on. You've got your presets to the left, which you'll want to make sure are the USER sets, and not just the presets that are set up as demos on the unit. From there, you pick an amp (or two, if you want to go for a dual-tone setup). I find that, a lot of the time, picking the right amp already drops me pretty close to the desired tone. BUT if the amp itself doesn't sound quite right to you, fiddle with the cab and mic settings. They're sometimes subtle differences, and sometimes they blow away your perception of a certain tone achieved by an amp... Typical stuff. After you've got your Amp, Cab and Mic (which I'd explain more about, but it's pretty much right there in the open in HD Edit), that's when you set up the little stomp-like effects and pedals to achieve whatever you desire. The HD500 is a disgustingly powerful tone-shaping utility. Like... I had a general idea of how awesome it was before I bought it, but when I actually sat down to play with it, I actually decided that the slogan was really well-deserved: "If you can hear it, you can have it." The problem with the HD500 is that you need a lot of patience, if you're like me--I have only general ideas of all these options, so it's a project in cycling through everything to find the sounds. Even in HD Edit, there's a lot of material to play with, but the computer-based interface is a world less frustrating than the LED screen on the unit itself. You'll get it in time. Daunting, maybe, the HD500 can be... but it's like any other tool, right? Learn it and it will serve you well. Tone-searching quickly becomes a Zen-art. lol Good luck, happy playing (and preset-tweaking!).
  3. Hello, hello. First posting on the forum, so yay. Too bad it's for an ugly, annoying issue: Using Windows 8.1, I'm consistently being stuck with a BSOD when recording / monitoring through Cubase. It happens at random, really. Sometimes I could be working for forty-five minutes to an hour or two, and other times I'll be slapped with that big, aggravating " :( " in a matter of minutes. The problem is always cited as "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED L6PODHD564.sys" Computer collects information to prevent data loss, blah blah blah... is supposed to restart automatically, but never does. I've looked around the web a bit before showing up, and apparently it's a driver conflict? There are known issues with Logitech webcams and the HD500 drivers, but having disconnected / disabled the webcam, I still run into frequent BSOD's. I've made sure all of my drivers are up-to-date, and I've checked all of m L6 stuff to make sure that it, too, is updated... but it's turning out to be pretty fruitless. And I am stumped. Anyone have anything that they could put forward to this? I realize that Cubase is really good at finding faults to crash on, and that Windows 8.1 is... pretty new, but my hope is that I'm overlooking a simple solution. Any help is appreciated! Note: I'm using a standard ACER Aspire E1-522-7843. Spec-sheet here: http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model-datasheet/NX.M81AA.011
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