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  1. Okay. Now this is weird but I've noticed this lately. Sometimes it works. Right now the issue is gone and I had the same thing for a month or so, but then it came back. - that's why I'm writing here :)
  2. Hey! Sorry for not answering yesterday. I don't know if there's a new version, but yes. I have the driver (i can change sample rates) This does work... (this is a luxury problem), but I hate having to turn off my Mac every time before I can use the USB slot again. - not really a fan of USB Hubs, but maybe I'm just paranoid. I might update to Catalina someday, but I am unsure with some of my audio plugins. I might need them but they're strictly 32 Bit :( I'll check it out with another cable! Thank you guys for helping me! Hope this quoting stuff works, I don't usually go on forums for stuff like this. Edit: Quoting didn't work haha, but I think you can tell who I am referring to.
  3. Hey! Latest Mojave. The rest should be up to date. I check for updates quite frequently. The problem came kind of out of nowhere.
  4. Hello guys, I hope someone sees this because I am at a loss as to how to fix this issue I'm having... I recently moved into a new apartment and ever since my HX Stomp has been acting up. Almost every time I turn it off, my entire system freezes (kind of). This means: everything disconnects, all bluetooth devices are thrown out and my external HDD is disconnected (scary!!!). Essentially I causing me to have to hard-restart my Mac (Retina, Late 2015) via the Power-Button. I'm afraid the Stomp is gonna fry my system, is there anything I can do? Is this issue even known? I hope someone can help me because I really love my HX Stomp but I can't use it via USB if this keeps up... Thank you in advance.
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