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  1. Apple buds work fine but my AKG K240S's, Sennheiser HD280's and Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80OHM's all sound distorted. Not sure what the prob is but monitoring without isolated closed backs is deal breaker for me. Going to get an Apogee One this week.
  2. My Apple buds seem to sound OK thru the SonicPort VX headphone port but when using my AKG K-240S or Beyerdynamic DT770 80 OHM phones, the signal is very distorted. Was it ever determined whether this is a SonicPort issue that Line 6 needs to address via a software or hardware fix before I either exchange my Beyer's for a different OHM version or punt and buy an Apogee One? Thanks, --R
  3. Good info...thanks. Curious why it would color the sound more than an M5/9/13?
  4. I posted something similar back in June (link below) re: the Ampli75 & FBV Express MKII foot pedal. The idea seems to make such basic sense...how else is one suppose to control a Bender (Whammy) effect other than via a volume/wah pedal?? Idea seems to be dead in the water though. http://line6.com/support/topic/8116-fbv-express-mkii-wont-control-bender-effect-on-amplifi-75/
  5. Just a quick follow-up to this thread. How effective is the Amplifi FX100 is as a "pedalboard" in front of an existing guitar amp? Seems like this would easy, assuming the FX100's amp & cab modeling could be disabled. Some are suggesting the "out to amp" is less than idea when output to an existing combo amp though for some reason (I wonder if they're disabling the amp & cab sim??). If I could an FX100 in front of my tube amp instead of my M5, I'd be all over it. If for no other reason, I'd rather adjust effect settings on my iPad than the minuscule display on the M5. I assume if the FX100 can be used as a pedalboard in front of an amp, existing analog pedals could also be used in the chain. Thanks, --R
  6. Hope this isn't too presumptuous but I think what a lotta folks are trying to determine is just how effective the Amplifi FX100 is as a "pedalboard" in front of their existing guitar amp. Seems like this would be a simple proposition, assuming the FX100's amp & cab modeling can be disabled (which I believe can be done in the clean setting of the amp modeling section??). If I could an FX100 in front of my tube amp instead of my M5, I'd be all over it. If for no other reason, I'd rather adjust effect settings on my iPad than the minuscule display on the M5. And not to completely muddy the water but I currently have the M5 in my effects chain along with some analog OD & Fuzz pedals. Since I primarily use the M5 for reverb and time based effects, could I do the same with same with the FX100 and use it with my existing OD's & Fuzz's?
  7. psarkissian, thanks a lot for your attention to this one...I genuinely appreciate it. I appreciate everyone's feedback. I'm trying to do whatever possible not to have to haul it into a service center as I've not had great success in the past with a previous Variax. Thanks much, --Roy
  8. Guitar tech did the magnet tap and got signal on all the pickups. --Roy
  9. My guitar guy has the JTV-69S so I'm going off memory but if I recall correctly, this is what's going on: POSITION 1: Bridge POSITION 2: Middle POSITION 3: Middle POSITION 4: Middle POSITION 5: Neck
  10. Charlie, yep - that's exactly what's happenin'.
  11. Iknowathingortow, you know a thing or two...thanks much !! --R
  12. For some reason, the magnetic pickups on my Variax JTV-69S are wired for a 3-way Strat config rather than a 5-way config. Am looking for a schematic for the 69S config so my guitar guy can change it to the 5-way config which will allow me to get the out of phase settings. Only finding a schematic for the humbucker version of the JTV-69. Thanks, --R
  13. After a coupla weeks of trying to get the FBV Express MKII to control the Bender (Whammy) effect on my Amplifi 75, Line 6 Support hit me back and confirmed the Bender effect currently isn't controllable by the FBV Express MKII expression pedal. Seems a bit odd...hopefully they'll add that functionality in a future iOS update. --RH << I have just tested this over here and confirmed with my Amplifi expert and currently the Bender is not controllable by the expression pedal. You can, however, assign the Bender to the FX knob on the amp. I'm sorry this functionality is not there, but I can't speak towards when and if it will be available at this time. You can create a feature request for this functionality at line6.ideascale.com. Again, sorry about this, but please feel free to voice any additional questions, comments or concerns. >>
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