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  1. I'm a Helix Stomp newb. Coming from the Kemper (which I still have). My use case with the Stomp is primarily as a second amp to play through in my music room and as a backup to the Kemper for FRFR work, as needed. I'm noticing that the Helix models have some advanced parameters that I'm not 100% sure in terms of how they complement (or don't) a real tube power amp. I've also read that the Helix models do better as preamp only into power amps, but I read varying opinions on keeping the power amp sims on for the Power Station (mostly people saying to use them). Just looking for quick hitting tips to optimize the Helix models for a Power Station into a cab.
  2. I'm considering turning my 2525H into a 3 headed monster with the Victory V4. I'd like to put that and my HX Effects on a board as the rig. The idea would be to use the V4 Sherrif as the routing hub and have one channel set up cleanish, one set up for mid range crunch, and then bypass the V4 to get the Silver Jubilee's gain channel for a higher/different flavor of gain. Based on the picture, I'd want to tap the HX Effects between the guitar and the V4 for front of amp pedals and then tap it again between the Loop Out and the FX return. I think I can do this by going like this: Guitar > HX Effects Mono Input > HX Effects Mono Output > V4 Input for the front of amp effects V4 Loop Out > HX Effects Return 1 > HX Effects Send 1 > Amp FX Return > Amp FX Send > V4 Loop In for the loop effects This is not the way the 4CM method works though so that's why I'm leery. I could put the V4 in a loop of the HX Effects, but then I think I lose the preamp bypass capability the V4 has. I do know I could execute this with the HX Effects as the loop FX only and just pick up a boost pedals. I'll have drives covered well with the V4 + the amp itself
  3. I've been working through the same issues as everyone else. In my case, I had a run of success in the beginning. Like everyone else though, I've had bad connectivity and it became unuseable in my last three situations. One gig at a bar, one gig at a golf club house, and one rehearsal at my typical band space. So if the wifi router strength is the issue, how can we even control that and more appropriately, why should we have to? What doesn't make sense either is I was told from Line 6 support that the G70 has better connectivity than the G50 I owned. I never had one interference or connectivity issue, ever, using the G50. Granted I didn't use the G50 for every gig and I only gig about 10-12 times a year, but the G70 has been horribly unpredictable. So that's the main point here. There are tons of people having serious issues with this product and it's not stable enough for paid gigs, IMO. Besides going back to a G50, what are some other options that are dependable and sound good. I will give the G70 kudos on sound quality. I don't care as much about the additional feature set. I want sound and connectivity. Anyone have any thoughts on a pro solution that works well?
  4. Just curious if anyone else out there has experienced a situation where the Sonic Port 1/4" out and headphone out are really low, to the point they can't be amplified without a lot of noise. I confirmed the output is fine within the iPad itself because I plugged in headphones to the iPad, which is turned up all the way, and it worked great with the SW controls for volume. However, if I try to go out of the Sonic Port to headphones or to my Forte Focusrite, I can't VERY limited signal. I also get a weird problem where the reverb is "slurred" or messed up in Mobile Port. Turning on some effects brings the volume up. It's weird because another app, BIAS, has the same issue as far as low volume out through the device. Anyhow, before I open a ticket I thought I'd lean on some knowledge of the user base.
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