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  1. Try the Sony DWZ. I bought it instead and it is terrific. No drops or glitches.
  2. Thanks for the reply. The transmitter is on the back of my belt right above my back pocket, basically. I used it again tonight for rehearsal and had significant random dropouts. Scanned for an open channel, etc. It's going to have to go back, unfortunately.
  3. Hi -- Just got my G70 and am testing it at home before taking it out. I had a G50 and experienced some serious drop out issues on large stages -- to the point where I had to turn the transmitter off and on again to reconnect to the receiver. I'm trying the G70 to see if I have a different experience, and have had a few problems. I've used the scan feature to pick an interference-free channel, but still get some widely-spaced (in time) drop outs, sometimes as long as a second or so. I have wifi in the house, but nothing else in the 2.4GHz range. I am standing no more than 5 feet from the receiver and it is not buried between higher pedals in the board. I placed the transmitter on my belt, slightly behind the guitar. Absent the slightly glitchy behavior, the sound is excellent. Amazing, even. I'm interested in any else's experiences.
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