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  1. If it helps any, don't bother using amp modeling if using a piezo in an electric. I found that it makes it sound much less acoustic sounding. I installed the LR Baggs Bridge-X in my Strat and have been messing around with different self made presets for a few weeks now. I didn't bother putting the preamp in because that's what I'm using the HD500x for.. I've gotten some great tones out of it so far. EQs will be your friend in helping shape tones.
  2. They definitely are diverse amps. I had a JCM 800 for a few years.. The 1959 Model 100 watt head.. No master volume. No gain knob.. Was balls to the walls loud. It was ear piercing by the time you got it loud enough to overdrive it.. Sounded great though. Sold it because I was getting this. Sold my Triple Rectifier because I was getting this, too. Selling my Fender 140 tube head, because I have the 500x. It can do Mesa grit, Marshall dirt, Fender clean.. So, no need for me to have those amps sitting here collecting dust. I'll still have my handful of tube amps.. I have 3 of them left and 2 I definitely won't ever sell. Ultimately, if I start gigging on a large scale again.. I'm going the tube power amp route and using the 500x as the preamp. Get myself one of them ISP rack noise reduction units.. A spare power amp.. Probably a Rocktron Velocity.. Wireless.. 1-2 other things.. And I'll be set.
  3. Have you tried to drag and drop the icons? I don't have an Amplifi.. But that's how moving most things in apps on the iPads and iDevices work.
  4. I uploaded it twice by accident.. They're identical.
  5. Absolutely.. Give me a few minutes, just sat down to eat dinner.. I'll quote your post again and reply with the link so you get a notification. Agreed.
  6. Yea, that's the full amp model.
  7. Thanks, I appreciate the compliment!
  8. Couldn't have put it any better, myself. At the same price as the M13.. I'd say definitely go for it. You can use it the same way as you would the M13 if you don't want the modeling.. Plus side, you have modeling if you ever want, need, or feel the urge to experiment.
  9. Here it is. Brit J-800 Model with the default Cab (Brit T-75). I am however, using the 409 Dynamic rather than the off-axis 57. The amp model EQ is tweaked. The Amp and Cab parameters are tweaked. I used absolutely no FX from either inside the pedal, plugins, or DAW. No EQ tweaks aside from the ones done on the actual amp model within the pedal. I'm using the modded Strat in my avatar picture. Using the bridge humbucker which is an EMG HZ H4 passive pickup. Hope this quickie clip helps in some way, shape, or form.
  10. Give me an hour, I'll post a quick sound clip.
  11. Just to clarify, I don't think the model is spot on. I do however, think that you can absolutely tell that it is trying to model a Marshall.. And personally (IMO, YMMV, ETC) happen to think that it sounds good.
  12. I've had no issues with the JCM800 model.. Sounds fine to me.
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