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  1. Thanks for the replies. But what about changing settings within a preset? For example, can i roll back the "drive" on an amp model to clean up the sound, and then max it out at the push of a button? If so, will there be any latency or drop out? To approach my questions another way, does the hd500x model the traditional clean/overdrive channel switching without latency or drop-out?
  2. I'm considering purchasing a POD 500x. But before I pull the trigger, I need to know f there is any latency when switching presets. For example, If i wanted to go from blackface cleans on the verse to recto gain on the chorus, would there be any drop out? I intend to use this in a live setting. I've thrown out the words "latency" and "drop out." Can anyone answer this question as to both potential problems I might have with this unit. These issues are super serial deal breakers for me. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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