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  1. Hello all! I currently own an M9 with EX-1 and like it. I mainly use it in the studio for modulation and time/spatial effects combined with any outboard dirt boxes running into various amps. I sometimes use this set-up for the rare occasions I play live. But now I find myself in occasional live situations where an amp modeler makes more sense. Since the M9 doesn't have amp modeling, I am thinking about the POD HD500X. However, I don't want the clean multi-effects (no dirt, no amp/cab modeling) to be compromised when I use the board with my dirt pedals and amps. Can the amp and cab modeling on the HD500X be completely bypassed so that it functions like an M9/13? If so, are there any consequences of using the 500X in this way, compared to the M9/13? Thanks!
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