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  1. The pedal is connected to the Spider Classic 15 pedal jack with a CAT5 cable. When I press the AMP MODELS (CLEAN / CRUNCH / METAL / INSANE) button of Spider Classic 15, the FBV EXPRESS MKII lamp switches, but even if I press the foot switch of FBV EXPRESS MKII, the switch does not follow the switch. The LED lamp of the foot switch will follow when the settings are changed in the FBV control application after connecting with USB, but even the LED lamp of the foot switch does not follow when the Spider Classic 15 and FBV EXPRESS MKII are connected.
  2. FBV Express MKII cannot be used to switch AMP MODELS(CLEAN/CRUNCH/METAL/INSANE) on Spider Classic 15. Please advise what kind of settings should be made in FBV Control Application.
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