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  1. Thanks for your help! In fact the right preset was already present in the interior of the software that I had downloaded when the pedal was installed. At the moment everything is working fine .... thanks again for the support!
  2. Sure! I would like to use FBV Express MkII to control Pod Farm 2.5. In the manual I read that there is this file to download that is appropriate for this. I'm looking for it but can't find it ...
  3. Thanks!!! everything worked very well! But I still have a doubt ... I purchased this footswitch to work with Pod Farm 2.5 and from the manual I read that I should download a file where MIDI configuration presets are loaded to do this. Where can I find this file? I'm running the whole site but I can't find it. The following is indicated in the manual: "POD Farm 2- Express.fbv". Does anyone know where it is?
  4. thanks!!! tonight I'll try .... I hope it works!
  5. Hello, I have purchased the FBV Express MkII product, but I cannot complete the calibration. In step one of the calibration chapter everything is fine, but in step two, where the manual says "Press the on-board pedal forward fully and hold down pedal’s Toe Switch until the Tuner display changes to “2”. This should occur instantly. I can't figure out where the Toe switch is. Something escapes me, can someone help me? Thanks.
  6. I want to buy a POD Studio UX2, and I wonder if I can connect to this one FVB Express MkII to be used to change the sounds that I create in advance with POD Farm and change them during my registration. it is possible to do this? Thanks to those who can answer me!